Google Alert?

Not too sure how Google is going to feel about something like this. But as it turns out, these guys are offering ‘Google alerts’ that look a lot like the alert program that Google offers us for free. What’s the deal here?

Stay up to date
Google Alert is the web’s leading automated search and web intelligence solution for monitoring your professional interests online. It tracks the entire web for your personalized topics and sends you new results by daily email.

The essential tool
Google Alert helps you manage your reputation, monitor your competitors, and generate critical leads for your business. You can use Google Alert to track mentions of your name, your website, your place of work, or any people or projects that are important to you. Many people use Google Alert to keep track of what the web is saying about them, their companies, their industries, and the projects they are involved in. Read these testimonials to learn how people are using Google Alert to meet their needs. [Read the rest]

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