Firefox coins celebrate success

Hmm, offering commemorative coins seems a little strange to me. Then again, Firefox is hardly normal I suppose. And besides that, the celebration point for the mighty browser is certainly worthwhile enough. I mean, 50 million downloads is pretty darn impressive!

To celebrate, the Mozilla Foundation, which led its development, is giving away commemorative coins to people who have done the best job promoting it.

The 50 coins were specially designed by one of the Foundation’s volunteers.

Firefox is Microsoft Internet Explorer’s (IE) main rival. Many like it because it is easily customised, while others like its tabbed browsing.

This means that instead of opening a new browser window for each page a user wants, it opens a new tab in the same single page.

Although Firefox has been downloaded 50 million times, this does not necessarily mean it has the same number of individual users. [Read the rest]

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