ECS mobo with Radeon 9600 onboard released

Now this could prove to be interesting. It seems that the ECS mobo with Radeon 9600 onboard. This is something I would very much like to see in person as I am quickly becoming a real ATI fan myself.

ECS has just released the ECS RS-480M which is based on the RS480 ATI Chipset. The latter comes with a Radeon 9600 core which makes it the fastest integrated core by far. The boardcomes with a PCI express x16 port and loads of other connections. Expect it to be retailed cheap.

Our friends from Viperlair send us two Motherboard reviews, the first one is the Epox EP-5LWA+. This 925XE based motherboard supports 1.066GHZ FSB officially, overclocks wonderfully well and has performance to crave for. The second review is the new nForce 4 SLI Intel edition platform motherboard. After a dozen benchmarks, Viperlair finds it a more than worthy competitor to Intel’s top end, offering more overclocking options for example and heaps of functions. [Read the rest]

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