Get DRM-free iTMS Files Straight from Apple

You know, DRM can be a drag, especially if you want to play those AAC files on another computer or even on another music player like that cool Sonos thing that’s out. But JHymn is too tough to work and takes too much time to deal with for it to be of any value, you say. “Why can’t I just get the songs without the dang DRM in the first place?” Well, you can.

Seems DVD Jon is back again and this time he’s found the trick in the apple of FairPlay. Seems that the DRM scheme is added after you download the file (which makes sense since your account information is tapped into the file) and thus if you can bypass this process, you’ll have DRM clean files. But how do you do that you ask? With PyMusique, that’s how! While it’s not as pretty as iTunes, it does allow you to download those goodies you bought from the iTunes Music Store and download them minus FairPlay to boot.

Now if you’re asking if this all legal, the short answer is yes. The long answer is if you’ve opened an iTMS account, you’ve already agreed to use Apple’s and only Apple’s software for download of all music. Sooooo, you’re basically breaking the license agreement with Apple and at best they can remove your account and at worse sue you. But no worry, once Steve collects his dollar paycheck for last year at the bank, he’ll be sure to hit those Ivory Towers off Stevens Creek to yell as some engineers to make it stop working as he’s done with all the other DRM-stripping software from the past. And since Apple likes suing college students that love everything Apple, DVD Jon is SO busted!