Firefox SOS?

Could the Firefox of the future be in trouble? This is a concern as I too am a person that relies heavily on the Firefox browser. Apparently, one of the lead developers is feeling quite frustrated about the lack of code reviewers for the browsers. If you are someone who can or would be willing to help review the code for this browser, please contact the Firefox team!

This is bugging me, and its been bugging me for a while. In nearly three years, we havent built up a community of hackers around Firefox, for a myriad of reasons, and now I think were in trouble. Of the six people who can actually review in Firefox, four are AWOL, and one doesnt do a lot of reviews. And Im on the verge of just walking away indefinitely, since it feels like Im the only person who cares enough to make it an issue. Things Ive raised in relatively private contexts have gone unanswered, and Im growing increasingly cynical about our ability to ship 1.1 early enough to make 1.5 remotely viable this year. At the glacial pace of development were currently running at, I dont see how the ambitious plans for 2.0 are going to be at all viable before late 2006. Maybe Im wrong, but no ones bothered to take five minutes and tell me that.

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