HDDlife 1.2.21

Having your Hard drive give out on you really sucks. Best defense is to know what is going on with it before hand. One utility that might be of some help in this area is called HDDlife. Designed to check your drive on a occasion, you rest easy knowing that any potential problems will make themselves clear long before things get really bad.

All your data , everything you need both for your work and for your rest is stored on the hard drive of your computer even after it is switched off . It is the hard drive , not the processor , of your computer that really matters to you because if it breaks down , all your data both personal and business will be permanently lost.

Knowing about a possible failure in the work of your hard drive means having time to prevent all your data from being lost . HDDlife is a usable program that will allow you to control the health of your hard drive using an intuitive interface. Just run the program and it will show you the list of your disks with the percentage of their health left , as well as their temperature.

HDDlife can work in the prophylactic mode when it checks the health of your hard drives at regular intervals and informs you about the results of these checks in an unobtrusive way. If you get warned about a possible hard drive failure , you will protect yourself against losing your naturally priceless personal data.

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