A Fireside Chat on KDE Usability

Nothing says ‘ahhh’ like a good fireside chat about some subject matter that means something to the listener or in other cases, readers. In this specific case, we are going to be exporing a chat with KDE.News and Ellen Reitmayr. Ellen is the maintainers of the KDE Human Interface Guidelines and I believe plays an important role in the spectrum of things.

Recently, our very own Fabrice Mous asked if I might write an article about usability and KDE development. At first I was hesitant, and not just because I have a lot more hacking to get done before KDE 3.4 is released (which is soon). I often get asked about usability and the Open Source process, and even I sometimes get tired of having the same old conversations over and over. I thought that this time it would be refreshing to ask someone else these questions and see what they had to say. So I arranged to meet up with several people on IRC who are involved in software usability and the KDE project. Here’s what ensued…

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