Ask Jeeves joins weblog market

So, is this an indication that Ask Jeeves is hoping to take a page from Google’s playbook perhaps? I think it is possible. While I have no real love for Ask Jeeves per say, I do have a lot of warm feelings when it comes to the genius behind Bloglines! So if they are destined to be the folks running the show there, then more power to them!

The Bloglines site has become hugely popular as it gives users one place in which to read, search and share all the blogs they are interested in.

Ask Jeeves said it was not planning to change Bloglines but would use the 300 million articles it has archived to round out its index of the web.

How much Ask Jeeves paid for Bloglines was not revealed.

Bloglines has become popular because it lets users build a list of the blogs they want to follow without having to visit each journal site individually.

To do this it makes use of a technology known as Really Simple Syndication (RSS) that many blogs have adopted to let other sites know when new entries are made on their journals.

The acquisition follows similar moves by other search sites.

Google acquired Pyra Labs, makers of the Blogger software, in 2003. In 2004 MSN introduced its own blog system and Yahoo has tweaked its technology to do a better job of handling blog entries.

Jim Lanzone, vice president of search properties at Ask Jeeves in the US, said it did not acquire Bloglines just to get a foothold in the blog publishing world.

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