IOGEAR Connects New Mac Mini With Any Computer

Just because you are a Mac Mini type person does not mean that you can not connect to those folks that are from the PC side of the fence. Thanks to IOGEAR, you can use this Micro-KVM to make the needed connections without having to take up a lot of space to do so.

IOGEAR, the mobile connectivity and peripheral specialist, announces that its MiniView Micro USB PLUS KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) Switch (model# GCS632U) is a simple, low-cost solution for consumers to connect any computer to the new Apple Mac Mini. Since the low-cost Mac Mini computer does not come with a keyboard or monitor, users can connect their favorite keyboard, monitor, speakers and mouse to the new Apple system, along with their current desktop computer. This enables PC users to have affordable access to the simple computing and graphic interface of Macs.

The MiniView Micro PLUS KVM is a self-powered switch with built-in cables for simple Plug-n-Play use. This product allows users to simultaneously run and share audio between two computers with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. The KVM comes with a unique USB Sniffing Technology that reduces the delay typically experienced when switching computers and allows multiple computers to be booted simultaneously.

The MiniView Micro PLUS KVM switch is the smallest two-port KVM switch available on the market with audio support. With KVM cables molded into the unit, users are now able to manage two PCs or Macs from a single keyboard, monitor and mouse and share the multimedia speakers between them. In a breakthrough in KVM technology for Mac users, IOGEAR has enabled the functionality of the special keys on the Mac systems. When using a PC keyboard, a special set of ‘hot keys’ have been designed to emulate the special keys on all Mac machines.

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