Another one?

Normally I don’t bash Microsoft. They are in the unfortunate position of publishing the dominant operating system in the world. That carries with it pluses, such as lots of money. It also carries a big load of minuses. They’re selling what nearly amounts to a public utility, such as the electric companies, and they are saddled with a lot of responsibilities. They can’t afford to make changes in Windows on a whim. They can’t just walk all over the competition. They can’t just charge anything they want for their products or they lose their dominant position.

AND, they can’t afford to ignore security.

I’ve noticed what is to me an alarming trend, lately. Another security hole is picked in the software known as Windows XP SP-2 and Microsoft denies it’s a problem. Let no one doubt it- this is a serious problem in itself.

So wake up, Microsoft, your house is on fire and you’re warming your feet by the fireplace.