Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil Interview (C&VG)

Computer & Video Games has posted an interview they did with id Software’s Tim Willits about the upcoming Doom 3 expansion pack Resurrection of Evil. The article has details about the start of the game and discusses add-ons and enemies among other things.

Here’s a quick glance at what you can expect from the article:

The early environments in Doom 3 were very enclosed and claustrophobic. How do they differ in Resurrection of Evil?

Tim Willits: Towards the end of Doom 3 you discovered the remains of an ancient civilization. The locations were very unique, cavernous locations with an Egyptian-style aesthetic. The player learned about how the civilisation lived on Mars and their technology, like teleportation. A lot of fans really liked that environment and the experience of learning about the civilisation, so we really wanted to start the expansion pack in that area. So Resurrection of Evil starts off in an area the UAC called Site 1, which is a collection of the civilisation’s ruins.

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