Forza Motorsport Info & Screens

Microsoft has announced that Forza Motorsport, for the Xbox, will include a total of 230 cars from over 40 car manufacturers. Gamers will be able to to own, customize, upgrade and race with their ride of choice. According to the press release, each car in the game is modeled to accurately simulate real-life performance and will feature vehicle damage.

When gamers scrape the wall at more than 100 mph, the resulting damage will accurately affect the both the look and performance of their car – just like in real life. With adjustable settings that will allow gamers to tweak damage controls, turn anti-lock brakes on or off and choose between manual and automatic transmissions, Forza Motorsport provides a thrilling driving experience for the beginner driver who prefers some assistance as well as for driving experts, who will be rewarded for their skill with a higher career earnings scale.

Here’s 18 screenshots of various cars in action:

Forza Motorsport is expected to ship on the Xbox in April, and will feature online play via Xbox Live.

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