New Gaming PC Manufacturer Launches

Alienware was the first company I can remember who really made an impact with gaming computers. After they hit it big, many of the big companies like HP and Dell started shipping out their own gaming machines. Now there is a new bad boy on the block and he is funky.

Funkware PC, brainchild of Tampa entrepreneur Rick McKay, has released their new product line of personal computers for retail and distribution. Touting themselves as the new radical personal computer company , Funkware PCs boast powerful features specifically designed to handle the demands of personal computer gaming.

McKay designed the computerís box to incorporate a radical, new look and includes a full rage of custom colors in auto-grade high-gloss coating with the a lit up laser logo of Funkware PC on the side of the machine to make the systems a showpiece for the end user.

With prices starting at around $1,300 I don’t know if they will get rich quick. They do look like they are delivering a quality product though. I often have a soft spot in my heart for the small guy so I might just have to give them a shot when my old HP Pavilion kicks the proverbial bucket.

From looking around their Web site I do have to say I am impressed. Looking to give a new company a shot with your next gaming rig? Try a Funkware PC. If nothing else, it is just fun to say.