GTA: San Andreas Two Player Mode

Two player mode for GTA: San Andreas? Man, where do I sign up? Oh ya, I don’t own a PS2. :o( Well anyway, Game Guru reports that you can actually play with a buddy once you learn how and where this can take place.

What really rocks about this two player thing is that you can choose to be anyone from an old lady to a street hustler. I like variety, but I like two player action for GTA even more. When will this be ready for PC or Xbox I wonder? It is going to be awhile I bet.

While driving around in the area that is open by default in this game, I came upon an icon. It happened to be two little red people spinning in circles, signaling this is where the two player mode in GTA: San Andreas is. I brought a friend over so he could play with me, as it requires someone on the 2nd controller to use. The first thing that is shown is two people next to each other, telling you to roam free around the city. Then, the second player gets the chance to choose which character he wants to be. These range from cowgirls to old bums to police officers. They all behave the same, just different costumes really.

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