Half-Life 2 Gone Gold!

Despite all the skeptics out there, Half-Life 2 is finally going to
see the light of day. Not even the infamous code theft last year could
keep this game delayed forever. The press release from VU Games,
Half-Life 2’s publisher, had paragraph after paragraph of mumbo jumbo
but one key line that everyone wants to hear: the release date.
Mark your calendars for November 16th, 2004, because that’s the day that
Half-Life 2 hits the shelf!

Half-Life 2 is going to hit retailers in a regular and collector’s
edition. The regular package comes with Half-Life 2 and
Counter-Strike: Source while the collector’s edition will be a DVD
packaged with a limited edition t-shirt, a Prima Half-Life 2 book, and
Half-Life: Source in a pretty little collector’s box. If you’re the
Internet savvy kind, you can also pre-order and pre-download a locked
copy of Half-Life 2 direct from Valve Software using Steam.
It offers a bronze package that includes
Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source while the silver package adds
Half-Life: Source, Day of Defeat: Source and all of Valve’s current
games offered through Steam. If your pockets are deep enough, you can
even get a gold version which includes everything in silver plus three
Half-Life 2 posters, a full strategy guide, the HL2 soundtrack, a HL2
hat, a collector’s box, a postcard, and more.

I went broke getting gold, and I’ve never been happier. [Andrew Jeon]

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