Forum: Qualitative Social Research (FQS)

Forum: Qualitative Social Research (FQS) – The 16th Issue of the open-access journal “Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung / Forum: Qualitative Social Research” (FQS) is now available online. The “Special Issue: FQS Interviews I” — edited by Guenter Mey, Cesar A. Cisneros Puebla & Robert Faux — provides 16 interviews with researchers, who have contributed to the development and promotion of qualitative research: Ron Chenail, Aaron Cicourel, Juliet Corbin, Bob Dick, Carolyn Ellis & Art Bochner, Ken Gergen, Mary Gergen, Gerhard Kleining, Janice Morse, Maya Nadig, Ian Parker, Judith Preissle, Michael Roth & Ken Tobin, Hans-Georg Soeffner, Anselm Strauss, Hans Thomae. From the Editors: “Those scholars interviewed in this issue … must be seen as being ‘on the road’, leading the way for the rest of us. Among our hopes is that the next generation of qualitative researchers will be educated, amused, and, most importantly, inspired by these colleagues.” As always, FQS 5(3) additionally contains selected single contributions, texts, belonging to the FQS Debate: “Qualitative Research and Ethics,” to FQS Reviews, and to FQS Conferences. This has been added to Research Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.

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