Insight into Microsoft’s Battle Plans?

Microsoft is preparing to launch one heck of a search engine within the year (I gave up on speculating the month); of course the details of its new product is extremely vague. That said, after reading up on the all of the latest speculation out there, I decided to inform you of what I believe is the most valid:

The Microsoft Advantage

Microsoft has a massive advantage over every other search engine company because it can leverage its worldwide Windows OS dominance to create a stronger product. How? It is not a simple thing to explain but essentially each Windows computer has countless morsels of valuable data that represent each users’ Internet behavior. If this data were interpreted correctly, it could be harnessed to create a highly personalized search experience… here enters Microsoft. [Original Article]

Yes and No.

Yes, I think that Microsoft will launch some kind of product into the search engine space. It’s an obvious move and one that it shouldn’t have any technical difficulty with, since it owns the OS code.

But, NO, I don’t think that even Bill Gates expects it to go out and knock off Google in no time flat. Microsoft doesn’t do things that way. It never has. It’ll field a trial balloon in the form of a search tool, then it’ll spend some years refining it, probably getting it more or less right about the time that Longhorn or Longhorn Server ships. It will certainly be offered as one of the launch-day toolsets for Longhorn.

The point here is not Microsoft’s plans, but the article above. If you spend some time reading between the lines, you can see where he’s describing not an ideal search tool, but the mother of all spyware. Why? Because to do its job right, all the “morsels” of personal data have to be shipped OFFSITE to do any good. If there is anyone out there who thinks THAT’S a good idea, I have a friend in Zimbabwe who would love to meet you to discuss a financial deal. Just send me your bank account data and I’ll hook you up!