Memorex Introduces 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Boy, I have seen some pretty big thumb drives in my day. But to have a 2GB drive? Wow, that could certainly come in handy. Created by Memorex, the Traveldrive has enough storage for you to take a good portion of your PC with you if the need ever arrived.

“The newest member of Memorex’s TravelDrive family boasts industry-leading performance with read speeds of up to 25 MB per second and write speeds of up to 20 MB per second – both four times faster than competing USB Flash drives. With 2GB of capacity, consumers can store more than 600 songs in MP3 format, 6,000 digital photos and thousands of text files. The device is an especially convenient, lightweight back-up method for laptop users on the go. The extra capacity also makes this TravelDrive ideal for photographers, graphic artists, designers and others who regularly create large files and share them with clients and colleagues. A data protection switch prevents accidental deletion of important data, and the 2GB TravelDrive gives consumers added flexibility and convenience on the go, thanks to a greater storage limit and faster data transfers.”

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