Have Job Leads Delivered To Your Inbox

Every morning when I start my job search, the first thing I do is to check my Inbox for the latest job postings pertaining to my area of interest. Here are the mailing lists I subscribe to:

  • I have search agents set up at some of the popular
    job search sites: CareerBuilder,
    Dice, Monster,
    and FlipDog. Most sites allow you
    to store saved searches and have the results e-mailed to you daily.
  • I also subscribe to KITlist. The list
    was created by Sue Connelly in 1997 as a way to keep in touch with friends
    and clients at Silicon Graphics. There are two KIT Lists: one
    for technical jobs and the other for non-technical jobs. The lists are part of Yahoo! Groups, therefore you would need a Yahoo! account to join the groups. While you are on Yahoo!, you may want to do a search for other, more career-specific groups;
    at last count I found more than 7000 groups pertaining to jobs and employment!
  • Because I am interested in startups, I subscribe to the Dow Jones VentureWire
    newsletters. The two I find most helpful are VentureWire Alert and VentureWire People. Both are free and they keep me current on the latest in the world of startups and VC.
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