Other Uses For The iPod

Did you know that an iPod is more than just a music player? If you have a Mac,
you can use iSync to sync your contacts and calendar with the
iPod. There are a few neat games that you can play, you can
wake up or go to sleep listening to your iPod, and you can also use it as
a small FireWire or USB hard drive.

They are many adapters you can plug into the iPod to make it do different
things – from listening to it on the radio or using it as a voice
recorder. There is also a way you can download your digital camera memory
card to store pictures and even view them.

I am also starting to see small programs for the iPod as well. Just like the
Pod Gourmet, which is a cookbook for the iPod. Even Apple offers useful
tools for creating and managing notes on your iPod, and you can visit iPod Hacks to find more Mac programs that will work for the iPod.

As you can see, they are many uses for the iPod than just using it as a
music player.

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