Palm Addict, Then and Now…

It is amazing how sites change over the years. Today, Palm Addict looks at their site, in both the past and present. The site has evolved right along with Palm technology, that is for sure. Today it offers a lot of important information and happenings from the Palm world in general. They really have come a long way since their inception.

I was checking out the Palm Website Links on the right hand side of Palm Addict, and I noticed the link to “Palm Addict’s Old Site.” Wow! It is fun to read Sammy’s thoughts from April 2001, and see what devices he was using (a Palm 3x, as well as a Jornada.) The most interesting thing is to see how Palm Addict has evolved! The 2001 version was personal and readable. Readers were invited to participate by sharing their thoughts. The 2004 version is personal and readable, and it is now a comprehensive one-stop site for all things Palm related. It is updated around the clock, and best of all, readers are still invited to participate by sharing their thoughts. All in all, Palm Addict has matured into a website that has all the latest Palm news, but thanks to Sammy’s touch, it’s also a place to go to feel the friendly, familiar atmosphere that makes it the comfortable place that it has grown up to be.

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