Private Grid

Private Grid – Use a 10-node, 24Ghz machine for your own projects for free! With the advent of broadband, GPRS, UMTS, the world is becoming a more and more connected place. Ubiquitous computing is slowly permeating into normal day-to-day life. People are getting used to ‘always being connected’, and share the resources they have, sometimes with friends or acquintances, but mostly with total strangers, often living great distances away. Most of the time, the resources being shared are limited to audio- and/or video streams, webcams and filesharing with P2P software. What with home- and office systems becoming more and more powerful, high-performance computing for the masses is becoming a reality. The [email protected] statistics prove that the Internet can be used as a large supercomputer. The idea of the private grid initiative is that people start using the very respectable, often unused, computing resources they have at their disposal for new and different projects they have not thought of before. This site is provided as a service, so academics and technical people can meet people who have ideas about what they could or would do if they could unlock the resources they have. On the other hand, it might help the sciences if they get feedback from people that are not yet locked into a certain way of thinking.This has been added to Grid Resources Subject Tracer Information Blog

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