The Linux Gazette

Linux Gazette

With 103 issues to browse through, the Linux Gazette offers a wealth of information to users both new and experienced. Ben Okopnik, the editor-in-chief, has a fine stable of writers and contributors to flesh out each issue with articles ranging from the philosophy of using Linux to the practicalities using the 2.6 kernel on a hyperthreaded Pentium 4. Born in Moscow and currently a technical instructor for Sun Microsystems and a private open-source consultant, he also enjoys sailing and writing about Linux. He has authored articles for the Linux Gazette on Perl, shell scripting and Bash. More than 60 writers help Ben stuff the Gazette with content that covers the Linux world from one end to the other. This is a site to keep handy in your favorites for reference, or maybe a lazy afternoon of learning a few new tricks.
Tomorrow we’ll have a look at an affiliate site to the Gazette, the Linux Documentation Project.