Compiling Software from Source, Part XII

Compiling Software from Source, Part XII

We actually ended on an up note last time, getting gnome-media
installed. From here, it’s mostly widgets of various sorts. Little
software tools like file-roller (handy when you don’t want to have
to remember all of the individual commands for compressing,
packaging, and more. I’ll just go through alphabetically in the
listing: acme (any Road
Runner fans out there?), atk,
at-spi, bug-buddy, and eel; are all just bunzip2, tar
, ./configure,
make, make install, again and again and again (or skip the
bunzip2 and use tar jxvf).

When I get to eog, I find out
I need librsvg, and I haven’t
installed that yet. That library installs very simply, so it’s
back to eog, which installs
perfectly. After that, it’s file-roller, gconf-editor,
and gdm. When I get to gedit, it wants libgnomeprintui, and somehow I suspect that’s
going to want libgnomeprint,
so I do that one first. Soon, I’ve got all three of those
installed, and I’m off to do ggv… and it just keeps going on smoothly.

Frankly, I think we’ve squeezed about as much as we can out of
this series! I know I’m ready to move on to something else, and I
suspect there are other folks who are as well. For the first time
in a long time for this section, I get to say:

Next week: Who knows!

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