Inevitable RSS pr0n idea

Deane at Gadgetopia writes in Media Downloads via RSS about the potential for using RSS 2.0’s <enclosure> feature for high-bandwidth media delivery:

Adam Curry of MTV and now blogging fame has come up with an idea involving the enclosure tag for RSS. The enclosure tag allows you to “enclose” a file in your RSS feed, be it video or audio or whatever. Using this, people could subscribe to a media feed, and it will download these huge files unattended all night long (as RSS is wont to do anyway) and in the morning, you have big, full-screen video.

Deane says Dave Winer predicts that pornography will prove the concept and I bet he’s right. Just about every other communications or expressive arts medium I can think of has been pioneered, explored, experimented with and, of course, monetized by pornographers. From French letters to KaZaA, ’twas ever thus. RSS pr0n was probably inevitable.

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