Is School Open Today?

Is it a snow day?

Remember the list? In times past, we huddled around the AM radio on those snowy mornings, waiting to hear if our school district was called. These days, we often have to check the school web sites for the happy word (or not) before the sleds and toboggans are pulled out of the garage.

Some districts have weather hot lines and automated robo-callers to help get the word out. It’s always nice to know early, but no one likes a call too early in the morning. A text message alert is a great way to keep families informed… if they’re willing to give up their mobile numbers.

What does your school district do to keep folks in the know (about the snow)?

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  • edgy

    We have to check a website that is updated VERY late in the morning.

  • Aaron Herman

    We haven’t had school canceled because of a snow day in about 5 years. Apparently, people in Minnesota can still function with snow all over the place… Even when we had 22 inches of snow in 1 day, we still had school.

  • Gavin Roskamp

    Mine sends out notifications to the two local TV stations, who put it on the TV on a ticker at the bottom, on their website, and send text messages to anyone who has signed up for it. The school also calls a few radio stations (yes, one of which is AM!) and has them announce it on the air. I usually end up sleeping through when I’m supposed to get up, so someone just comes in and tells me I don’t have school, then I check my texts and there’s like 50 of them saying we don’t have school.

    Facebook works too! If one person were to be told at like 1 AM the night before, it would be all around Facebook by 1:10 – even if everyone was asleep. Word travels fast.

  • Even Kristoffer Mjøs

    Well, because I live in Norway, schools never close because of snow. I remember that one day a few years ago, 80% of my classmates came too late because of ridiculously high amounts of snow. Because it had come so fast, noone had had the time to shovel (Is that what you call it?) away, and there were car accidents all ove rthe place.

  • Brandon O’Keeffe

    So weird. I love the ”milestones” and ”life event” sections, but it isn’t as slick, quick and simple as G+, and it seems a bit cluttered, which has always been Facebook’s main issue.

  • Robert Glen Fogarty

    Nice one, Craighton! Got it working now. Thanks!

  • Krystal Kenville

    Holy Crap, I can’t beleive that worked.  I hate Facebook changes because it takes me so long to figure it out and it takes away so much of my time getting actual work done on it!  So I wanted to bite the bullet now instead of waiting so I can navigate it through the weekend!  Thanks so much…  ~K

  • Anonymous

    are there any cons to this?

  • Anonymous

    it’s still in beta, not meant for public yet. so maybe this is one of the consequences