Digital Video or MiniDV?

I shoot a lot of video — all to tape. I’ve been hesitant to switch to a purely digital workflow, as MiniDV tape instantly provides archives. Call me a throwback, but I shoot primarily in standard definition (SD). While it’s long past time to make the jump to high definition (HD) and go straight to digital, it’ll take a significant investment in new cameras and storage, along with a beefy new workstation.

Alas, the project I’ve undertaken has been funded out of pocket. I can’t simply go to the boss and ask for a bigger budget since I am the boss on this one.

Since we’re dealing with a mix of HD and SD video, the final piece will be rendered in SD. There are stacks of MiniDV tapes sitting on my desk, waiting to be digitized. To make things more complicated, Final Cut doesn’t want to recognize my sole HD camera, so we’re starting to digitize the HD footage with iMovie.

I’ve been archiving to external hard drives. The next step is to drop some coin on a big RAID.

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