Will the Ford Fiesta Change Your Mind About Small Cars?

Pundit after pundit has stated that Americans don’t like small cars. To that, I say hogwash. Take a look at the roadways around your town and you might come to a different conclusion. There are plenty of small cars on our streets and their numbers will quickly rise as the tightened federal fuel economy rules kick in.

The good news is that small cars can be a blast to drive. The new 2011 Ford Fiesta is a perfect case-in-point. Forget about the tin-can connotations of the sub-compact class. While the Fiesta’s exterior dimensions are tiny, it feels like a much larger and more substantial car when you’re behind the wheel. With an affordable price tag, an excellent cabin (including Microsoft SYNC), and fuel economy that beats many hybrid cars, the Fiesta is a compelling package.

Ford has taken a bold approach to marketing the new Fiesta, from the initial Fiesta Movement – where 100 Euro-spec Fiestas were loaned to “Fiesta Agents” for a six month social media experiment – to the latest 43 Fiestas promotion that wraps rally racing, NASCAR, and some Ken Block craziness into a reason to go out and try something new.

Reference: 2011 Ford Fiesta Review

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  • http://DannyMinick.com Danny Minick

    I’ll keep my large, gas-guzzling Ford Crown Victoria, thanks.

  • mike

    Ford…well at least they circle the problem!

  • http://brian.magierski.com Brian Magierski

    Thanks for the great write-up Kelly! Funny, I just caught that movie again last week while testing our alpha release of Group{in}. You nailed the value of Group{in}.

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