Honda Accord Crosstour: the Shape of Things to Come?

Automobile marketing experts would like to convince us that Americans don’t like station wagons. The rise in popularity of the minivan, then the sport utility vehicle (SUV), and finally the vrossover would point to this preference… or so they say. On the other side of the pond, the opposite is true. Europeans love station wagons — although they prefer to refer to them as “Touring” models — and frown on SUVs, which they regard as wasteful.

Enter the Honda Accord Crosstour: Honda’s first effort to marry the popularity of the crossover with the tourer (aka: station wagon).

Make no mistake about it. The Accord Crosstour’s design is polarizing, with an aerodynamic shape that would seem to put function over form. That sleek shape, along with a V6 engine that uses Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), delivers benefits that transcend both the photographs and the official fuel economy estimates.

Reference: Honda Accord Crosstour Review

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  • the oracle

    From the Chevy Nomad, to the Pontiac Safari, to the Pinto wagon, Americans like the station wagon.

    I frankly think the term SUV was stupid and that is why the Euros don’t like it. But station wagon, SUV, SAV (as BMW would like to call it), mini-van, panel delivery, Americans like to be able to haul stuff…lots of stuff.

    That is why these cargo movers will always be around, no matter the name, or overall size. (and even when electric vehicles take over)

    BTW, MotorWeek took a pass on the CrossTour because they thought the mileage (unloaded) really sucked for a Honda, however they liked the style and the interior appointments. I am inclined to agree with their assertions, but I would add that I truly believe that the “Honda premium” makes it a vehicle I would never consider for myself, simply because I don’t like to pay only for name recognition.

    I think the Kia Soul and the Scion XB are pretty cool, though I have not test driven either one, and I have heard that the XB is very underpowered and moves out like a lame toad – which would remove it from future consideration if so.

    • Dan Gray

      @the oracle – Never mind what the marketing folks want the public to believe, I’ve always dug wagons. Maybe not the Pinto, but definitely the Country Squire (with woodgrain sides, of course). I’ve always dreamed of having a Nomad in the barn. (But first, I need that barn.)

      I haven’t seen the MotorWeek review … so I don’t know how many miles they put on their Crosstour review unit … I only know how well it performed here when driven with a light foot.

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  • Keallei

    I remember when station wagons used to be synonymous with sports utility vehicles. The xB is pretty zippy actually.