Bark Collar or Not?

The decision to strap a bark collar on Fido is not one to be taken lightly. If a dog barks endlessly, there’s something wrong. Putting on a bark collar won’t solve the problem. It will only stop the barking.

You don’t own a dog. A dog owns you.

When you ask a dog to stop barking, the dog has accomplished a goal … that is, to make you acknowledge that there’s something amiss outside your abode. The dog’s hard wired to provide this service. It is part of their purpose in life.

Think what it would be like to have one of your primary missions quashed. Think of the Star Trek episode where Spock and Kirk are outfitted with shock collars. Think of an afterlife, where dogs really do rule and humans serve.

Hey, shut up already!

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  • D

    Dogs…cats…never. Ex-wife…annoying co-worker…telemarketers…always.

  • BlazeEagle

    No, proper training should be used to stop unwanted barking.

  • Steve Robbins

    i don’t know how appropriate they are for dogs but I have recommended them for people who can’t get to work on time. Just put the alarm clock next to you in bed and when that sucker goes off…….so will you!

  • Alex

    The best thing to do is to get your dog(s) trained properly. Whatever you do do not treat your dogs as if they are children. They are NOT children, they are dogs. Trained properly you have to concern yourself very little about their barking.

  • Ronn! Blankenship

    I know the question is about dogs, but today I buried a cat who passed away last night at an estimated age of 15 from kidney failure. He could be grumpy and mean and bite or scratch me if I brushed him in the wrong place or for too long, and would growl whenever he was picked up for any reason, even if to be given a treat. He would also spend hours curled in my lap or snuggled by my side in bed. And I miss him tonight . . .

  • Jack

    Your article is too short,the question should not revolve simply around a bark collar or not. It should ellaborate the difference between a dog that is fulfilling it’s wiring to alert you,& a worthless breed of mutt which barks all day at everything for no reason other than it’s own napolean complex! Poodles,terriers,shitzus,chihuahuas,etc should not even be considered dogs, as they have severe psychological flaws easily observed as a result of such breeding. Those idiotic breeds should have a bark collar welded around their neck from birth or a chip inserted for the sake of our culture!
    Dog breeds which posess class,dignity,& value do not behave this way & often bark for very different reasons. The issue of using a bark collar is the debate over using shackles to incarcerate determined proven criminals/murderers, vs security tags/stickers to deter theft.
    Declaring that determined worthless breeds of “dog” which pollute our society with repugnant behavior have the right to do so is beyond ridiculous!!! The very second a dog bites someone even for defense,or perhaps a reaction to an ailing hip, it is sentenced to death! Yet deplorable psychological molestations in the realm of audible standards of life for entire neighborhoods is somehow accepted. Most dogs which need collars can easily be traced back to eother a worthless breed or worthless owner. Rarely do decent people or decent breeds behave in such a fashion which demands the use of such devices.