Looking for a New VoIP Service

I’m (reluctantly) in the market for a new VoIP service plan, as AT&T has announced that it is discontinuing its CallVantage VoIP operation. Although I’ve been a relatively happy CallVantage subscriber for five years, it came as no surprise when AT&T’s email announcing the impending discontinuation of service quietly landed in my inbox a few weeks back.

After its initial introduction (with great fanfare), CallVantage seemed to collect dust and little attention from the telecom giant. When the iPhone rolled out, there was no push to add integration. At that point, I could see that the writing was on the wall… but the VoIP service kept working and I felt no impelling reason to switch providers.

With the cartoon grand piano hung on a string over my head, I know I need to make that move at some point before December. While AT&T didn’t provide an exact end-of-service date, it’s clear that its VoIP service won’t outlast the year.

Contraction in the VoIP industry is a concern. I’m not eager to jump to an upstart provider only to see it go belly-up. That having been said, I’m not keen on giving any more money to Comcast…

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  • Jeff Schwarz

    Been using ViaTalk for over 3 years ever since Sun Rocket died, at $200/year plus their monthly tax assessment and monthly charge for premiere tech help at $5.40 ($3.45 + $1.95 resp.) per month. Every once in a while they offer an extra 6 months or two for one renewals which lowers the annual cost even more. The service is great. Even when we get power outages, it comes back up as soon as the router powers up. You get two line service too. I have the main line hooked up to the house wiring (connection to POTS is physically cut). The second is hooked up to a multi wireless phone system that allows me to have a phone in every room that is not hard wired for a phone. Both ring at the same time, and the one not being used will ring when the other is off hook. Same for out going. My wife can talk to her friends for hours on end, and I can still make and receive calls on the other system.

  • Scott

    My VOIP is Phone Power phonepower.com I have been using them for a year without a problem they are in Chatsworth,CA

  • Bob

    I would not recommend viatalk (http://www.viatalk.com). They nickel and dime you every month and the support is poor.


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  • Nick

    I’ve had Vonage for 3 years now and love them. Never an issue, always available for questions, online or email access to voicemails, great web dashboard to manage everything.

  • Al

    I begain using T-Mobile’s home VOIP service when it became available and am very pleased with the service. The drawback is that you must have an existing T-Mobile phone plan of $39.99 or higher and purchase their Voip router, but the $10/mo VOIP service is the cheapest around.

  • http://www.struction.com Brian C. Shensky

    If you’re looking for highly reliable bargain basement VoIP, you could buy your own unlocked ATA from VoipSupply.com (I have a Grandstream unit), and subscribe to services at Les.Net. They are a great pay-as-you-go operation that cost me as little as a buck a month, depending on what you need.

    I also have VoIP service with Digital Realm (http://www.digitalrealm.net/) which rates a total “A” on the wife acceptance factor. They are a smaller operation, but they are dedicated to ensuring line quality regardless of the quality of your bandwidth or the hostility of your bandwidth provider.

    I’ve also used Gizmo (http://gizmo5.com/) with dedicated VoIP hardware with success.

  • http://google Michael Hartfield

    PhonePower was a great step up from SunRocket and Verizon. My phone sounded to those I called, like I was in a tube.

    PhonePower is nearly identical to a land line.

    Good tech service as well.

  • http://Cookiemunsters.bravehost.com Robert Cook Jr

    I have been using Vonage for 5+ years now and have “Never” had an issue with them. They honor their referral program as advertised and their support is ,at the least , very good. On a scale of 1 – 10 I would give them a solid 9+. (I never give 10’s)

  • http://www.ronknights.com/ Ron Knights

    Vonage is good.

  • Pat

    We use T-Mobile @ Home, but you need to have at least one T-Mobile cellular line already. The service is $10/mo and includes unlimited long distance to Canada (eh) and within the USA. It includes a voice mail box, call forwarding, caller ID, etc., and works well on my Comcast internet. I connected it to my house’s existing phone wiring after first disconnecting the “network interface” so the line to the outside world that brought Qwest in was not a part of the system. Call clarity is first rate. I’ve had to reboot the modem a couple of times, which is easy. You have to associate your physical address with your number so it will display correctly if you need to call 911. We are very satisfied.

  • Harry

    Have been using Vonage since they first came out. No problems at all. Under $30 a month, and includes unlimited calls 5 european countries including the UK. Loads of features included for free, if you loose connectivity it can auto forward to your mobile.

  • Mary

    I have been usi ng a new company called Truecall International, they are a small company from St Louis. So far they are very good, reliable, and their rates are excellent. I call international numbers all the time since my family does not live here in the US and havent had a problem yet. They have plans starting around $5 a month!!, they also offer 911 service included in the place, also taxes are included

  • Mary

    ooppss fortgot the link, this is their webpage
    I hope it helps!!

  • John Robert

    I’m typically surprised, when the subject of VoIP comes up and no one mentions “MagicJack.” I’ve been using the MagicJack for a year and a half now and it has to be the best deal out there. Folks can talk about features and customer service till the cows come home, but it comes down to two things for me – the economics and does it do the job.
    At $20.00 PER YEAR (!!) vs $20 per month, MagicJack beats them all. I just plug my phone into this tiny little device, plug it into my USB connection, wait a minute or so, then make my call, anywhere in the US. The worst problem I’ve ever had is once in a while, the person I’ve called tells me their getting “an echo.” I just hang up and call them back. In 1 1/2 yrs. I’ve had to do that 3 or 4 times.
    Now if I could just find a reasonably priced ( < $100.00)wireless headset with dual/stereo earphones…
    For those who wish to check it out, it’s simply “MagicJack.com”

  • http://truecallinternational.com Mark


    I use True Call International and absolutely love my VOIP Service in St. Louis. $5.00 a month, no billing issues or anything.

    I have had a problem with registration when my cable company internet dies. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes to re-register when I loose Internet.

    Does anyone know of a better Internet Provider in St. Louis. Charter is bad!!!!!