Breast Implant Surgery Advertised Via Airplane Banner

So there we are, enjoying a lovely day at the beach… the surf, the sun, the sound of seagulls, a slow moving airplane towing an advertising banner. Only this wasn’t a run-of-the-mill advertising banner, oh no… this one was touting the services of a plastic surgeon…

I’m not making this up. I saw it with my own eyes…

What doctor would advertise his breast implant services with an airplane banner that read “Want a Perfect Rack?”

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  • JCH

    Even tho the advert was a conversation piece, I still consider it “Beach Spam”.

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  • Dan Morris

    Onle this can happen at the beach>

  • concerned

    Answer: A incompetent doctor who doesn’t consider the possibility of children seeing his advertisement and or just doesn’t care.

  • John

    Maybe the doc was thinking that people are more self conscious of that type of stuff at the beach.