Corporate Jets Flee Super Bowl

So who actually gets to attend a Super Bowl? Rich people … really rich people. This wild image of “corporate aircraft departing the Super Bowl” is a real eye-opener. It’s like a virtual fountain of private jets spewing from southern Florida. Looks like no one was headed towards Florida in a private jet on Sunday night.

The skies will only get more crowded as the years progress. The next generation of private jets like the Eclipse 500 will open up a whole new world, where air taxis are as common as limos. Sign me up. (Throw in an extra $19M and lets go for the wicked fast Cessna Citation X, while we’re at it.)

But lets make Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the freeloading politicians pay their own way …

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  • YeAh THaTs ME

    so when it gets stuck on the colorful nook color screen we should reinstall every again follwing all the steps.. starting at formating system etc…

  • Anonymous

    If I go ahead and do the the CyanogenMod 7 is there anyway to ever restore my nook back to its original B&N state?

  • tc

    I am also getting the same Nook Color logo.. can someone help? Im using a 2gb car if that makes any difference.

    i repeated steps several times and no dice. please help!

  • Joe Barco

    I followed your directions, ran into the continuous color loop like many others.
    I went started from scratch, which is quick the 2nd time around, and did one extra step that worked for me and may work for others also.
    When you are in the ClockWork boot menu, before you install the cyanogenmod, format the system, data, and CACHE folders.
    After doing that I then installed the mod and then the google apps. Removed sdcard, rebooted, and worked for me.
    So if you’re stuck in the Color Nook boot screen like I was, give that a try.

  • Anonymous

    Everything worked great EXCEPT I cant get it to shut off. Goes through the shut down cycle, spinning circle, then stops dead. I mean dead like a dear caught in headlights. Have to hold the power button for 10 seconds to turn off. Any ideas to help out.

  • Keelers

    Anybody getting stuck at the cyanogenmod boot screen? I’ve been trying for a few days now, and it doesn’t seem to want to get past the blue boot screen. I also tried to format the data, but it says something about an error on doing that…

  • AnnonymousPrincess

    This is a little late, but by putting the Nook into factory mode, then yes, that should undo the hack :)