Promotional USB Drives

Looking for some snappy new company schwag? Look no more! Promotional USB drives are the hottest ticket in corporate trinketry. Imagine your company logo custom printed on a spiffy USB drive. It’s a no-brainer … what gadget-loving geek wouldn’t dig a free promotional USB drive? Forget those run-of-the-mill corporate gifts, your company needs to order a bunch of USB promo drives like the wicked cool (and high-capacity) critters we just dug up …

We found promotional USB drives in every shape imaginable. (The storage capacities, on the other hand, are rather standard 64, 128, 256, and 512 MB, as well as the more pricey 1 and 2 GBs.)

Whether you’re looking for something with a cutting-edge futuristic feel or a purely retro design, the choices are endless. USB drives can be incorporated into pens, bracelets, key fobs, calculators, and even Swiss Army knives.

Yes, my friends … now you can file your nails, clip your nose hairs, and download your files … all with one handy device, courtesy of Branders.

When it comes to imprinting a corporate logo, Screen printing is just one of the options. Want to go upscale? Many leather promo USB drive cases can be logo embossed, while metal cases can be laser engraved. Swanky!

iPromo offers a host of interesting promotional USB drives. The company’s custom shaped USB flash drives come in all shapes — from race cars and SUVs to sneakers, vending machines, and pills. Soccer fans will enjoy their World Cup USB drives — available with flags of all of the participating countries. (You might want to forget about ordering a USA version for the time being … lest you risk it dropping out after the first round.)

brandeditems’ USB drive keyring with LED flashlight looks like a handy little device. But what’s that … you want your trinket to do triple-duty? Check out the company’s nifty USB flash memory pen with a built-in laser pointer.

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  • Jennifer Vangampler

    I would be interested in finding out how to acquire flash drives with my school’s logo on them. The Student Council would like to sell them as a fundraiser.
    Jennifer Vangampler

  • Dan Gray

    Scads of companies sell custom imprinted flash (USB) drives. I mentioned two in the article, but there are many others. Stick with the established names — companies that will stand behind their products.


  • Ed

    For a fundraiser, look at this one from iPromo:

    The display is cool, and would be a good selling point. Also consider the MP3 players on the same site. They sell small USB drive type players all the way up to video iPods!


  • anonymous

    I see promos online where they claim to give you a USB drive, usually 128MB or under.

    I have yet to actually receive one of them.

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    We also projecting and manufacturing Custom Shaped USB, so we can do any shape you want.
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