Digital Scales Tell No Lies

There’s nothing quite like stepping on your digital scale on the morning after a monstrous Thanksgiving meal. It may have been thanks you were giving the night before, but that scale is anything but forgiving. To throw a couple more metaphors in the blender, dead men tell no tales and digital scales tell no lies …

I had to look twice at the digital scale this morning. It just couldn’t be right. So I stepped off the scale, repositioned it, then stepped back onto it again. Same depressing number. Ugh.

The bathroom scale, unfortunately, was not lying.

Now I’m not going to name numbers, but my post-Thanksgiving weight had ballooned to within ten pounds of my all-time-high, and twenty-five pounds above the point where I’m happy (which is still ten pounds higher than I’d prefer).

Of course, that didn’t stop me from dining on some of the finest pizza in the state tonight … just one last time, before I swear off those evil, tempting, ever-so-scrumptious carbs, once again …

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