How To Update All Of Your Social Networks At Once

Can’t keep up with your social media life life? If you’re overwhelmed by balancing your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social network profiles, you may be exhausted by updating each of your social networks individually – especially if you post the same content to every social network. While high profile social media users and brands tend to find that different content performs better on different social networks – primarily because each has a very different type of audience – you probably don’t have a varying type of “fan” base, and instead just several friends and family members who want to keep in touch with you using their own choice of social media network. In this case, posting the same content to all of your social networks make sense – and as a result, you may want to save time and energy by finding a way to update all of your social networks at once.

One of the most popular tools that has been available to help update multiple social networks at once has been This future of this service, which has allowed users to connect all their social networks and then only update one social network to update the rest, is now in jeopardy as Seesmic – a third-party tool used to manage and consume social media – has made vague implications that it may shut down as we know it to force users to use the Seesmic platform. The unfortunate result is that there are very few other simple services that allow you to update all of your social networks at once without adopting a complicated, convoluted third-party platform. If you do want to update all of your social networks at once, here are a few of your options:

Seesmic Ping

Seesmic as a web-based and desktop service is more than you might need if you desire to update all of your social networks at once. This “original” version of Seesmic features full streams of your social media accounts, allowing you to manage multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts – including all incoming and outgoing messages – in one dashboard. The new Seesmic Ping is a suite of mobile apps in beta that are designed to allow you to “Post what you want, when you want. Anywhere, anytime, on any device,” according to its website.

Currently, the service supports Facebook and Facebook Page, multiple Twitter account and LinkedIn, with “more to come” according to its blog. With Seesmic Ping, you can also attach links & images and schedule your posts at any time. It’s a great set of basic features for the mainstream social media user who want sot update all of their social networks at once, but the limitation to mobile opens up the possibility for fierce competition in this space. However, if you’re constantly on the go – or always have your mobile phone with you anyway – Seesmic Ping could be a great choice, especially since it’s building upon the already rich set of features from (Just don’t ask me why it isn’t anything like


For those who want to update all of your social networks at once from your desktop, consider Hootsuite. This third-party web-based platform (also available for mobile) not only updates your multiple social networks, but also helps you manage your social media without having to actually use each related website. Hootsuite is free for individual users but is also priced for small businesses and even larger corporations who would like to use its features to manage social media as a team.

Hootsuite is also the first app that can update all of your social networks that is also testing Google+ integration, which will likely soon be a must-have for most brands and eventually most social media users, too. Though Hootsuite packs more power than you might need just to update your social networks at once, its additional feature set is well worth exploring if you already use social media throughout the day.


If the idea of using a comprehensive app to update all of your social networks at once doesn’t sound appealing, you may want to consider If This Then That, an idea similar to that expands upon the idea of automating your social experiences on the web, albeit with algorithms that you easily define. If This Then That can be used to automatically archive photos from Flickr to Evernote, send Google Calendar reminders via IM, or – as many are defining – automate your social networks to push one social media message from one network to another. For those looking for the closest alternative to, without using Seesmic Ping, ifttt may be your best solution. Take a look at some of the best ifttt recipes we’ve already sourced – or just sign up and start making your won.

Do you maintain several social media accounts? What are your favorite ways to update all of your social networks at once? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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Kelly Clay, author of Blog Without Boundaries, is a freelance writer and lifestyle advisor.

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    I was looking into a way of updating all my social networks at once as I often find I only post to Twitter just because I don’t have the time to go into each account/app one by one. I liked the look of but I couldn’t see any Google+ support which Hootsuite has but only at a premium. 

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    Oh, that’s why I couldn’t find Google+, I need to be a premium user…hm…

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