How to Create a One-Page Website

Does the idea of starting a blog overwhelm you? If you are thinking of starting a website all your own, but don’t need a fully developed blog with multiple pages, categories, tags, and the pressure to post every day (or even every week), you may want to consider using a service that allows you to create a one-page website. Whether you want to create this page for yourself or your business, several apps and tools offer you you the ability to quickly and easily create a strong presence on the Web without the comprehensive (and sometimes complicated) installation of a blog like WordPress or Movable Type. Here are some of our favorite Web-based tools that allow you to create a one-page website. is a site where people can create an extremely customized and centralized one-page Web presence. Users can design their own page with their own background image and layout, which can feature their name, a bio, quote, or any text desired. The point-and-click design interface features 17 layouts and 222 fonts. You can see your new design as you pick and choose layouts and make tweaks to your settings, and the best part is that no coding is required (though if you do happen to know a little HTML, you’re free to use some formatting options). also enables you to link visitors to over 35 services from which content can be pulled in, such as a Twitter or RSS feed — all without having to leave your profile. The options for formatting these links are plentiful and can be easily integrated into the design of your website. You can also choose how your site will look for mobile users, see visitor stats, and even use a custom URL. I personally use as a personal hub for my Web presence, and get compliments on a weekly basis for its sleek interface. While is free, some features, such as access to unlimited services and the use of a custom URL, cost $20 per year.

How to Create a One-Page
Similar to, is AOL’s version of the personal splash page. With, users can quickly build a personal and dynamic one-page website that points visitors to your content from around the Web, such as your Facebook profile, Twitter account, blog, or LinkedIn page. also features the ability to customize your page with a personal background and add your name and an info blurb, which can feature any text you desire. (Even brands and bands, such as Incubus, use doesn’t allow for as much customization as, but does offer unique features like an email address (this is AOL, after all) and free business cards featuring your profile design for extended personal branding.

If the idea of a blog is intriguing, yet you don’t have enough content for more than one page, consider a one-page website that can serve as a place to create your content without the need for an extensive blogging platform. Checkthis is a great solution for when you need to write more than tweet, or need to direct readers to a static webpage. It’s similar to the personal splash page concepts of and, but allows you to add more content, or embed video, pictures, or widgets (such as a comment box), as well as choose your page properties, such as whether you want the page public or hidden so that only those with the link to the page can access it. You can even choose if you want the page to expire, such as after a specific event. Checkthis is limited in formatting features, but you can choose from a palette of color themes, as well as change the background with your own background image. Checkthis is free.

If you really need a place to blog, one post at a time, InstaBlogg is a service that allows you to create a one-page blog without signing up for any blogging services or platforms, let alone registering for hosting services and a domain name. InstaBlogg offers similar features as Checkthis, including the ability to set a blog post to public or private. It also offers many formatting functions found in other blog platforms, such as font formatting, the ability to add lists, indentation, pictures, links, and more. InstaBlogg also utilizes Disqus comments (just like a real blog) and offers the option to turn comments on or off in your blog post. If you’re not ready to commit the time to develop and use a blog like WordPress, InstaBlogg is a great option to create a one-page blog post instead, and all for free.

Goodsie is great for individuals looking for a centralized hub for their personal brand, but if you’re running a small business, you may be looking for something similar to host a one-page website of your small online store. Luckily, now offers similar features on its sister site, Goodsie, which allows small business owners the opportunity to develop a one-page store that can integrate with PayPal and Google checkout to help their customers not only find their store, but purchase items much easier. Like, Goodsie is exceptionally easy to customize. Users can choose the layout, size of widgets that feature their items for sale, background of the page, color scheme, checkout methods, and of course, use their own URL. Goodsie is free to try for 30 days, and thereafter is priced at a very reasonable $15 per month.

If you’re in charge of a business that likes the idea of creating a one-page website but prefers the splash page concept more than an online storefront, you may like Onepager. This service, which is priced at $10/month (or $8/month if you subscribe for a year up front) not only lets you create a custom splash page, a custom URL, analyze traffic, and send newsletters to your customers, but it will also host your one-page website. Check out Onepager’s showcase of its sites to get a sense of how you can use Onepager to create a great one-page website for your business.

These services are all great options if you’re looking to easily create a one-page website. If you already use WordPress and would like to create a one-page website using your current platform, you could also consider installing a one-page theme to replace your current comprehensive theme, without erasing all of your current blog content.

Do you have a one-page website? What is your favorite way to create a splash page? Feel free to share yours in the comments.

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