You Can Now Delete Your Klout Profile

Last week, Klout announced a new algorithm that drastically impacted Klout scores for thousands of users. It was also discovered that Klout collects user data from social media users on Facebook who never opted in to Klout. The backlash revealed pent-up demand for an option to delete your Klout profile. As it turns out, some people don’t want to be measured. Until now, the only way to completely opt out of being included on Klout was to email Klout support and wait.

Klout just unveiled the option to completely delete your profile and opt out of being included on Klout. Megan Berry, Marketing Manager of Klout, tells me that there is now a way to delete your Klout profile directly from profile settings. At the bottom of your account settings page, you will now see the option to delete your account, which should look similar to the screenshot here. When you click on that link, you will see the confirmation on the next page and verify your intent to opt out of Klout.

Delete Klout ProfileMegan said the ability to delete your account via the Web site is new as of this week. The process will remove your entire account from Klout’s Web site.

Considering the rising concern over privacy while using social media services, this should have been a default feature in Klout from launch. Klout gathers data about social media users without permission, and makes this information — including their names — publicly available, even if they have strict privacy settings on their social networks. It’s possible Klout shouldn’t be measuring people who haven’t opted in, though it would be hard to build out a reliable measurement without enough data points to compare.

This new option to delete your Klout profile will help make it easier for parents to protect the privacy of their children, as well as other social media users who do not have a desire to have public profiles anywhere on the Internet.

Now that Klout has included an easy-to-use option to delete your Klout profile, will you opt out of Klout?

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Kelly Clay, author of Blog Without Boundaries, is a freelance writer and lifestyle advisor.

  • Chris Charabaruk

    It’s nice that they added this, but I’m not opting out. As for
    discovering that Klout collects Facebook data, as far as I’m concerned
    that’s neither new nor surprising! After all, they’ve had the ability to
    link Facebook accounts (among other services) for some time, it’s not
    hard to consider that they’d be gleaning off of those.

  • Loudmouthman

    Hey Chris, I opted out of Klout months ago but to do it I had to email and campaign hard ( see Lacking In Klout on ) what later transpired was that whilst my account was ( disabled ) I was still appearing in the API calls. When I blogged about this issue I had many more people arrive at my blog and agree they wanted to get out and used my method. Originally Klout did allow you to hide and remove your profile ( then those tools went away ). 

    When I had asked questions about removing myself from Klout on Klouts on support forum they deleted and removed those articles. I took to posting comments on Blogs where Jo Fernandez had been posting or being interviewed and that got their attention. 

    When I sat in the Demo for I asked “will we be able to opt out?” the owner admitted that they simply had not put that into and that they didnt imagine that people would not want to play. No I understand that will launch with tools to allow you finer control over how much information and data you are left to share back out. 

    Personally I dont mind my information being scrapped and used for reporting , in aggregation , meaning as long as my details are buried, hidden, unavailable in the scores then I dont mind. But when social sites like Klout, Kred , Peer Index and Empire avenue ( another site I had to email to get removed from ) pull your data and represent it as You with your score , before you join I consider that they have crossed the line of privacy and are now heading into digital harassment. 

    It is interesting to see how many people berate me for NOT wanting to take part .


  • marduk191

    The new system is an inaccurate piece of crap anyway. It’s about time they let us delete our accounts.

  • guest

    Option was not there for me.  I want out!

  • billbennett

    I don’t see an opt-out option on my profile. In fact the edit profile page is entirely blank. 

  • Lia Keyes

    I’ve opted out. With relief. 

  • Sosolisalisa


  • TaoMannaDon

    I opted out when they changed their method of Klout calculations. I knew it was all crap but it massaged my ego so I went along with it. When my score dropped from the high 60’s to the low 40’s overnight I felt like I’d been stomped on.

    It is, and always has been, meaningless drivel. It’s a little more obvious when a new algorithm can affect that large a change. I expect that new (more accurate?) algorithms will  be implemented over time and eventually everyone will opt out and Klout will will become totally clout-less.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not opting out of Klout. Not sure what to think of the ability to find people’s Klout scores when they’re not in Klout themselves.. In a way it makes Klout more interesting but I guess it’s wrong to do so without their permission. … As for the new measuring my score doubled after it so I’m fine :)

  • Peter L Masters MCIM

    I’m really NOT impressed with Klout and can’t believe that my Tweets are less potent now as a consequence of the lowering of my Klout score.

    I’d been very loyal to Klout over the years and offer a lot of of support, shame it turned out to be less than symbiotic!

    I’ve got some posts to get out soon and then I’ll consider my move.

    PeerIndex, yes, Empire Avenue, love it any way, Kred, not too sure….

    The plot thickens!

    Cheers Chris, all the best Peter, aka MarketingMK8