How to Undo Facebook Timeline Conversion

Update January 11, 2011: There is currently no known way to undo the Facebook Timeline conversion. Any “tricks” you may see are likely a scam and/or an attempt to hack your Facebook account. Do not click on these links!

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Update December 16, 2011: Facebook has officially begun rolling out Timeline to all Facebook users. This means that the new Timeline profile design will be automatically enabled for all Facebook users, and there does not appear to be an option to revert to the “old” profile style. If you previously enabled Timeline as a developer, you will no longer be able to “undo” the conversion, as discussed below.

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Were you one of the thousands of eager Facebook users who enabled the new Timeline profile design by creating a new app as a Developer as soon as Facebook announced the new feature in September? If so, you’re still one of the few who is using the new layout for your Facebook profile, as Facebook has yet to unveil Timeline for all users — and the way it looks, it could still be a while, if ever, before this new layout becomes standard for all users. While the design is definitely different, it has not been entirely well received because of the archive of personal information it automatically displays. Additionally, the content on a profile with Timeline doesn’t always flow in a logical manner. In fact, it’s actually pretty hard to read.

If you want to revert your profile back to the normal profile design, it is entirely possible, and only takes a few seconds. To activate the option to use the Timeline, you needed to authorize the Facebook Developer app and then create at least one app. After this, you just needed to navigate to your own profile and wait for the invitation to try out Timeline and then active the new design.

To undo the Facebook Timeline conversion, Facebook users with Timeline will need to revisit the Facebook Developer app (you can search for it) and then delete the app that was created to activate the option for Timeline. The option to delete the app is on the left side when you open the options for the app. (If, for some reason, you created more than one app, you will need to delete these, too). After you delete every app successfully, you will see the Welcome to the Develop App screen in the app. Then, just head back to your profile, and it will have been automatically reverted back to the normal layout we all know and (mostly) love more.

Of course, if you’re not a developer and you enabled Timeline, there is no other option to automatically undo the conversion — at least for now. Users in this situation can try contacting Facebook if they really hate the new layout, or just wait to see what Facebook ultimately does — or doesn’t do — with the new Timeline design.

Do you like the new Timeline design for Facebook profiles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • user100

    this was really helpful! thank you!

  • LCPark9

    VERY helpful, thank you!  I do not like the new timeline, it is very difficult to follow.  The older version is much cleaner and is more chronological. 

    • Karl’ Oshiro Francisco

      Did you Undo FB timeline? How?

  • BBloomfield

    Awesome! I was finally able to remove that stupid Timeline! Thanks :)

    • Karl’ Oshiro Francisco


      • HELP!!

        Can you teach me how? I am so desperate! HELP!

    • Angela4molette

      How did u do it

    • Mukti majumder

       how you remove timeline please help me i want to remove

    • Katelynn Rigney

      please how did u do it im stressing

    • Jas Sanz

      How did u did it? cpuld u please explain to me step by step? thanks you

  • Hetal

    Do i have to delete all my apps ?? what facebooking trying to achive?

  • Ems

    This worked for me but now the timeline is back! I searched for the developer app but since I already deleted my app I can’t do so again, there’s nothing there to delete now! Any ideas as to how to get rid of the timeline?

  • ss

    i hate timeline and when i go to the ‘developer’ page it is not shown in the left hand menu

  • ImEnigma666

    cant find timeline on leftside

  • gibue

    i havent a clue what to do! am not a developer and fcebook is really annoyin me now!! i wanna change it back but i cant!

  • Annoyed

    Why do they insist on forcing these changes upon us???? The timeline is just horrible and so confusing. It is hacking me off to the point where I want to permanently delete my account. Either change it back for all or give us the option to revert to the old style

  • susy

    fuck this if i’ve known this cant be undo i shoudn’t have tried this…why the heck they include this as apps when actually when u go to so called developer apps its not even there timeline isnt in the developer app fuck

  • LexiPup

    How do you do it??
    Can you do it for me?

  • Slwash09

    I am not going to get on any more…It just feels broken and messy! 

  • Boohoo1977

    timeline reminds me of myspace

  • Joy H Gandino

    No, I hate the new timeline design for facebook.

  • Madelinemilles

    i very much dislike this timeline thing. i think you should really make a way to undo it. I will cancel my FB if everyone gets it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont like timeline AT ALL. gooossshh why in the world would you do this??!!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!? 😛

  • Annette Ramos1

    I don’t like it at all.  I want my old profile layout back!!  :(

  • Jubil

    Can someone please tell me how to undo this timeline. I am freaking the hell out. its making me use facebook less and I don’t like of that to be happening. 

  • lory jean

    no thats why i want to undo normal profile

  • Hazeleys99

    I hate the new Timeline. I did it as a test for 7 days to try it out but it said i could do the try out period. Now i cant put it back the old way. I hate it, its crowed, hard to follow, new postings, pictures everywhere…..i want it back to the old way show stuff as you post them and thats it! Please Zuckerman give us options to design our own Profile. I am thinking on just deleting it all. New Years Resolution!

  • Hazeleys99

    I hate the new Timeline. I did it as a test for 7 days to try it out but it said i could do the try out period. Now i cant put it back the old way. I hate it, its crowed, hard to follow, new postings, pictures everywhere…..i want it back to the old way show stuff as you post them and thats it! Please Zuckerman give us options to design our own Profile. I am thinking on just deleting it all. New Years Resolution!

  • Towngirl_04


  • Towngirl_04


  • Spryngs

    Hate it! Will quit first. Hear that advertisers?

  • Corkymopenni

    this timeline thing really sucks bad…. can’t find anything, especially important posts to me


  • Corkymopenni

    this timeline thing really sucks bad…. can’t find anything, especially important posts to me


  • Dhrubo28

    I HATE IT VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

  • lashae williams

    i hate this timeline it please which mines back

  • TriedAndDontLike

    I DO NOT LIKE THE NEW TIMELINE!  I AM SO SORRY THAT I TRIED IT.  IT HASN’T BEEN ACTIVATED YET, BUT I DON’T LIKE IT!!!!!!  I want my old profile layout back.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE??????  Why can’t you introduce things that we can undo if we don’t like them?

  • Avocadess

    Nope, I don’t like the Timeline at all and really annoyed that I cannot undo it…!

  • angie


  • Tammy

    Absolutely hate the new timeline and would NEVER have clicked on it to “view” what it looks like if I had known that I could not un-do.  Drat.

  • Marizmarbida

    i want the old Face Book design back…the Timeline design is making me go GAGA!!!!

  • Marizmarbida

    i want the old Face Book design back…the Timeline design is making me go GAGA!!!!

  • Randy

    Hate this timeline bs. Ready to cancel facebook completely!!!!!!!

  • Prettyflo52689

    i dont like the new facebook layout.

  • Asheville

    I HATE TIMELINE as everybody does! It’s as if you were stucked in hell and there’s no way out! >O

  • Anna Shorey

    I didn’t even activate the thing myself!  It did it on its own and I hate it!

  • Abd A

    Am so sorry that I tried.. did not like it a bit.. I don’t want to open my like like a book to the world.. guess what after going IPO they will not even develop any feature to roll it back, would be busy counting money..

  • Rtvcomix

    To hell with this. All i wanted was that one cool banner.  I didn’t want my page to become like twitter. I thought there was a way to undo this. There was no warning upfront.  If this gets really out of hand i might have to make a new profile. But i’m affraid if i do, Timeline will be forced upon me.  

    I’m more of a timetravel guy. Fukk this app.  I just want the banner, the banner is awesome and doesn’t bother me even if the picture is low-res.  Other than that……please…give me back my old stuff.  YOUTUBE has this same type of crap forced down yer throat. 
    Sites these days have the layouts and features WORSE than their first beta model.  I hate it when companies ASSUME what people want instead of actually listening to what the people DON’T want.

    End of rant.

  • Shugie_2006

    your design is so stupid! the older version is much more easier to use… stupid dumb developers!!!

  • Saqibsaeed338

    i hate it this is  enabled automatically

  • Joe

    I clicked it by mistake. i’ve read tonnes of articles but no way out. it’s a real deal breaker for me. i have to pull the plug now. it is really hard to tell who’s account it is. it is facebook’s server with my data. and my regrets. with 800 million people and counting, nobody could possibly mean anything to it’s management. i really liked it but i have to quit it now.

  • Rheka

    well I miss the old one…timeline seems a lil bit unfriendly,,some private stuff can be viewed ,,,and I dont have much time visiting fb just to control those views,,,kind of busy ehh”?

  • Help!

    Mather forker! TIMELINE is so FUCKIN UGLY! I HATE IT! IT MAKE ME PISS OFF EVERYTIME I AM ON FACEBOOK! it is a STUPID design. DO YOU KNOW WHY I ALWAYS CHOOSE FACEBOOK THEN THE OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKING? BECAUSE IT IS SIMPLER and cleaner TO USE! and now they do this stupid mather farker pussie dickk pennnis balls vaginu socker  TIMELINE. and yess you can see i am very piss off. It is so fucking messy and ugly! I WANT THE OLD DESIGN!!! give us back the old fb! HELLPPP!!! i feel like i want to delete my facebook.   HELLLLPPP I M SO FORKING DESPERATE. HELLLP!!! ANYBODY HELLPPP!!! IT IS SO DEPRESSING. STUPID TIMELINE. hellpppp!!!! hellp me please. help! help! help! anybody helpp!!

  • Dee Morris

    TimeLine sucks why can’t you ever leave well enough alone !    I really wish people would just leave things  that  aren’t broken alone!   When you have a great product leave it BE   I want the old profile back or I may just dump Facebook just like I did myspace!

  • Dorothy

    I am not computer savvy. Old school. I like things simple and to the point, this new timeline gets me dizzy. I mainly use fb to play the games, the old format made this simple and pleasant, the new format makes it harder for me to locate my friends game activity. I wished that I had never clicked on the timeline app. besides it said that “Everyone” was going to get changed to it, but I find that untrue, many of my fb friends still have the old format. Oh, woe is me. I find my self less and less on fb. I just check in to see if any messages have been left for me, then I log off. I don’t see the reason to fix something that isn’t broken. :(

  • Shar

    Hate it, hate it, hate it!  I am not sure how I even activated it.  How to you get in touch with faccebook.  I do not understand how to do this procedure in the article… 

  • VASMOM162488


  • Chrishirschfeld

    Please unf-ck my facebook  page by letting me get out of timeline!!!  Why on earth would they not put a return to previous version link?  Are they on some kind of heavy drugs?

  • Jessiedcarpenter

    Really want to revert to my old profile.  Grrrr. 

  • Not a happy camper

    I don’t like timeline.  It shows too much personal information and my concern is identity theft or predators looking at family photos.  I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to undo pictures and information that I first put in.  Every time I think it’s gone, the next time I log on it’s there again.  I got so frustrated I deleted my entire Facebook account.  I tried to go back the next day and rejoin just the regular Facebook, and the old Timeline account came up when I logged on.  I don’t like not being able to unsubscribe if I want to.  This kind of feels like a huge computer virus that latches onto all your friends and their friends, etc.  I am OUT FOR NOW!  I’m deleting my entire Facebook account.

  • Kelli Nesteby Grant

    STUPID GetGlue app updated my FB page to the new Timeline and I did NOT intentionally do it myself and DO NOT WANT THE TIMELINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Traceymoorley

    i absolutely hate the new timeline!!!  it’s confusing, busy and way to much work to deal with…  it is putting me off of using facebook!!!  if i can’t figure out how to put it back the way it was i am going to delete my account!!!

  • Four Swords

    I know right? It’s stupid of Facebook to not give us the option.

  • jadaa95

    its really dumb and annoying….its all up in yr face…

  • jadaa

    this shit iz so shitty…and all up in yr face.

  • Pamela D Deyoung

    It fucking sucks!!! They should have given the FB people a choice in getting it on their profile or not!! We want the original back.. the new Timeline Sucks and is Very CONFUSING !! Why change something that people don’t want changed?? If it’s not broke don’t fix it!! 

  • Neenanathps

    i want to subscibe timeline on my facebook but not getting what should i do?

  • Mnm27mch

    I hate it! please .. i want to undo it .. :( please! :(

  • Fernando

    I hated the new timeline.

  • Blargg

    I HATE IT!!!!! I wish i never switched over!!! i want to old look back!!!!! Its so confusing, and I HATE all the adds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont want that stuff on my page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hellochristy08

    Facebook wont let me add people its been like 3 months i hate facebook wht do i do?

  • dwai

    i didnt even click on the timeline app and now im stuck with it and it sucks.. i think this is BS! >:(

  • Kennethcole007

    I hate the timeline, too fragmented !!!

  • roianne

    i hate the timeline please change my fb page back to old one now!!!!!!!!! its horrible i cant even upload my pictures it sucks!!!!!

  • Kristine

    Epic Fail!!! A very good way to piss me off!!!

  • Neilyn24

    I really really hate the timeline.  The old layout is simpler and easier to load and view.  I wish Facebook will undo the timeline for my account. Please?

  • Sue

    Hate the new timeline, wish I never tried it.  I want to undo it!!!  I want my old profile back.
    Pictures all over the place. Cant’ edit my profile picture.

  • Lserenity_01

    please help me get this timeline crap off my facebook page or I’m deleting fb all together

  • Steph

    i hate timeline. i want my old profile back!!

  • Michelehazcheezburger

    Thank you for the information. If I had lots of pictures that I wanted to share, I guess it would be good to have Timeline. There are other sites where you can share and post pictures, so my guess is if you are an amateur photographer or like sharing with family far away, then this is a good thing. For others like me, not so hot. Browsing is next to impossible. If you play Facebook games, it really takes away from that.


  • Muktimajumder

    I hate facebook new timeline  design.

  • Guest0121

    TIMELINE SUCKS ASS!  Why oh WHY can I not delete people on my friends list like I use to?  I mean come on, everytime I delete someone now, it rearranges my friends and I have to start over from the top again, this is getting very old and I am thinking I am just going to delete my page altogether!

  • Timelinehater

    Timeline SUCKS!!!!

  • Katzilla

    I do not like the facebook timeline.. it sucks

  • Marie

    I hate this new timeline.  I did not request it!  I very much want to get rid of it and go back to the way my profile looked before!!  Why can’t I undo this timeline?  Please give me some instructions as to how I can reverse it!

  • Quatillaoxendine12

    i Hate This Timeline Junk . And i Want To Undo It NOW !

  • Katelynn Rigney

    I Hate the frickin timeline i think i’m just going to delete my facebook page and tell all my friends family and everyone i know to do the same and never to make one the people better fix it or they r going to have a bad reputation when im through with them !!!!!!! like if u agree         Katelynn Rigney

  • luvdelico

    don’t like it too :(

  • Gshirl20

    I hate it! And I want to undo it too. I clicked on a video and was immediatley set up to timelife.

  • maggie davis

    i did not request timeline. i have grown accustom to my profile page i had. i would like my page back. thank you-maggie davis

  • Rochelle C. Gause

    I did not request the timeline…it just appeared and said it would go into production on May 14th…how do I prevent this???

  • Frances24alena

    I hate timelime. I didn’t even try to enable it but somehow my profile was changed. How come??? PLEASE Do something for us to bring back the old profile.

  • Paula

    i hate timeline and do not know how i “converted” to it.  want to UNDO.  does anyone know how?  i’m going to delete my account if i can’t change it back :(

  • Francine_carolyn

    Timeline is suuuper OA!!!! i really hate it! i dreaded for the day my profile goes timeline and the day has come!!! it is really annoying. Facebook, at least give us the choice not to go timeline, can you? i don’t need the 7-day trial ’cause i don’t really want it.

  • Lemyop0520



  • Pmushock

    timeline sucks

  • Pmushock

    timeline is ruining my life

  • john

    timeline sucks… please let us have the option of revertying back to the other “Normal” format


    JUST POSTED ON MY WALL !! It works but you need to be using Google Chrome..
    Normal FB page back!!!! YEAH!!!!!
    ATTN: FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE TIMELINE PROFILE AND WANT TO GET RID OF IT HERE’S WHAT YOU DO….Users have to use GOOGLE CHROME:go to TOOLS, click EXTENSIONS, then click bottom link- MORE EXTENSIONS, type in TIMELINE REMOVE, a post on right of page says- REMOVE TIMELINE? CLICK IT, (YOU DONT HAVE TO LIKE IT) then REFRESH FACEBOOK & you should have the Old FB Wall Back!! Pass it on

    • Gurya Rani Barkati

      thanks i got my old facebook profile thakssssssssss

    • mimi


  • abe


  • ABE

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • Jas Sanz

    what are the steps to authorize the develooper app? HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  • nawrup

    i hate timeline, iwant to chnge it in standard….please help