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There’s no argument that Google+ is popular. People are begging for invitations from the lucky few that found their way into the first round of beta testers of Google’s new social network, and after several attempts at being “social,” it looks like Google has finally got it right. The only problem is that the Internet is already proliferated with dozens of other social networks that are used on a daily basis to share news, gossip, and otherwise mundane references to what we’re eating and doing. It’s hard to break old old habits and ditch something like Facebook — which we’ve been using for years — for something brand new.

To make the transition easier, you may want to duplicate your social network habits. Why not post the same thing across Google+ as well as Facebook and Twitter? Yes — it’s possible. All you need is the extension called Extended Share, available for Chrome users in the Chrome Web Store. The extension adds a “Sent to…” or “Share on…” link below every post on Google+, which will allow you to share the message with a link back to the content on Google+ on Facebook , Twitter, or LinkedIn. For example, if you have shared a link on Google+ and added commentary, that commentary will be shared on the other social networks with a link back to your post on Google+. Your friends and followers on the other social network will then be directed back to your Google+ profile to see what link you shared.

The Extended Share extension is a great way to manage your social networks from Google+, and drive traffic back to your Google+ profile, which will hopefully create a larger and more network on Google+. This could mean that one of the other major social networks could slowly die off, but with its intuitive interface and easy to use privacy settings and filters — not to mention other features like Hangouts — Google may have hit on something that works for everyone.

Let us know if you like Extended Share extension, or if you know of any other helpful extensions that make Google+ even easier to use.

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