How to Share YouTube Videos with Friends Using Google+

Google+, the new social network from Google, offers many features similar to Facebook, such as the ability to post updates, chat with friends, and share photos. One feature entirely unique to Google+ though is the ability to start a group video chat, or a hangout with other Google+ users. When you start a hangout with other users, you can essentially make a group video call for free, as well as group chat. You can also share a YouTube video with friends so you can watch the video all at the same time.

share youtube video with friends using google+To share a YouTube video with friends using Google+, you will first need a Google+ account. Once you have access to Google+, go to to start a hangout where you can start sharing YouTube videos, You can also do this by clicking the blue Start a Hangout button on the side of your stream. A popup will then appear with instructions to download the Google Voice and Video plugin, which you will need to video chat with other Google+ users. Once you install the plugin, you’ll be brought back to the “green room,” as Google calls it, where you can check your camera and microhone settings and choose circles or individuals to invite to the hangout. If you’re starting a hangout to just share videos, this isn’t as important, as your microphone and webcam willl be muted by default when watching a YouTube in a Google+ hangout.

To start sharing YouTube videos in a hangout, just click the YouTube button in the hangout. Then search for and select a video that you want to watch as a group. Anyone in the hangout can play, pause, or change a video. Keep in mind that your webcam and mic will be muted by default, but you can click the Push to Talk button underneath the video to talk if you really have something you want to say — but this will mute the YouTube video. You can also use the chat function of a hangout to type your thoughts to the group without interrupting the video.

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