How to Get More Likes on Facebook

With pushing close to 600 million users, Facebook now has the market share of nearly every major mass market consumer. As a result, Facebook is a goldmine for advertisers who can utilize the Facebook platform to not only reach out to, but constantly and consistently engage with their market to keep captive attention. A clear indication of this success is not only in number of a brand’s Facebook page fans, but the demographics of these fans. Achieving a target market is key for any campaign, and Facebook has armed Facebook page admins with tools to analyze and track these statistics. Brands still need to get fans to their Facebook page, and ultimately “Like” them – so how do you, either as a business, brand, band or aspiring startup get more Facebook “Likes”?

Jennifer Lopez gets more facebook likes by giving away her new single in returnOne way is to put your most valuable content behind what you could call a “Likewall.” This has been a tried and true way of musicians, as Jennifer Lopez did this with her new recent release, and so did Lil Wayne. Some media publishers are beginning to do this as well to bribe consumers to “Like” them as well. Yesterday, the New Yorker featured an article by Jonathan Franzen, which was only accessible if you “Liked” the New Yorker’s Facebook page. Barricading your entire content behind a “Likewall” is a bad idea, though, because consumers will not like a brand or business blindly without knowing that there is a quality benefit. Teased articles paired with other visible and quality can be seen as valuable, and the “Like” makes that content, and the brand, “worth” the risk of the “Like”.

While a “Likewall” functions as low-level bribery, you could also just do what many other brands and businesses do – flat out offer a product or service (or even just a coupon or deal) in exchange for a “Like”. Bigger online media such as the Gloss, a popular fashion and beauty blog, is one such outlet that loves to giveaway things like perfume in exchange for “Liking” their Facebook page. Here in Seattle, local restaurants and salons have also jumped on this trend for a few more fans and a little more PR. For example, right now local Style and Makeup Bar Swink is offering a free “start to finish” 30 minute makeup service for you and a friend if you, in part “Like” their page. Though it usually works out, more “Likes” don’t automatically translate into attaining your target audience or demographic, so keep that in mind when considering a spammy campaign with the purpose of just getting as many “Likes” as possible.

What has worked for you to get more Likes on your Facebook page? Is there anything that doesn’t work so well? Let us know in the comments.

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Kelly Clay, author of Blog Without Boundaries, is a freelance writer and lifestyle advisor.