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A few months ago, Twitter rolled out a redesign of their platform, New Twitter, that left many with a wishlist of features not included. Twitter listened, and over the last few days implemented the newest and most wanted feature: the display of conversations between Twitter users, reminiscent of Facebook’s “Wall-to-Wall” feature.

A conversation is achieved and archived when two or more users converse via a “reply” function, (either on Twitter or via a third-party application like Tweetdeck,) stemming from an original tweet. It doesn’t archive an entire conversational history between people – only a conversation based on one tweet. You can see each conversation by visiting your profile at Twitter, and then clicking on the chat bubble that appears next to any of the tweets that are a part of that particular conversation. On the right-side pane of Twitter, the conversation will then appear, as well as the latest tweets of anyone mentioned in your conversation and the latest tweets of anyone mentioning the people you conversed with.

This conversation threading was already part of Twitter Search, as well as being built into third-party apps. Integration within Twitter’s web interface is a welcome improvement to usability; perhaps even enough for me to use the native interface a little more often. Undoubtedly Twitter’s intent is to increase time spent on, especially now that they are becoming increasingly profit-driven with the implementation of more ads.

Are the new conversation threads enough for you to use Twitter’.com more often? Or will third-party apps continue to win your attention with conversation threads and many other features?

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Kelly Clay, author of Blog Without Boundaries, is a freelance writer and lifestyle advisor.

  • Deanna McNeil

    I really like this threaded conversation feature a LOT :)

  • Dean

    I’m not sure how I feel about it. All the @ comments I personally make are typically directed at businesses that I’m looking for an answer to something without being put on hold for 45 minutes, or when I when I get pissed off about really bad, and this includes blatantly illegal as well as probably illegal, service.
    Because of this, I haven’t really pursued any social aspect of Twitter and I think it might … I was going to say boring but I don’t want to piss off anyone else reading because the fact is that it just isn’t me, and for example I don’t enjoy Facebook but simply have it because its unfortunately become more necessary than email ever was when it comes to a non digital social life.

    When I think of myself looking at the conversations people have with each other on Twitter, it scares me because inevitably I’m kind of stalking people if I care enough to do so and for me I’d much rather, assuming I was to make a social Twitter persona account, not really include people I know in Twitter but just keep it amongst strangers. As a person who has, like everyone else, clicked on a friends tagged photo on Facebook and then ended up spending way too much time looking at the rest of some stranger’s family vacation pictures and whatnot, I’m pretty sure that I will not like myself if I wake up and am a person who is looking at conversations on Twitter.

    Screw it. I’ll just make a short rant that the aspect of social media I just described makes more for a harsh and unfriendly world than it does for a happy one and its bad enough being 39 years old and seeing the world take this turn and then realise one day that it is indeed seeping out into our daily way of interacting with one another. The idea of what real life socialisation will be for people who grow, today, engrossed in the society that we have created is not really a certain idea but some of the possibilities are unfavourable.

    So I guess I’ve answered your question along the way while typing:
    “I hope not, that it won’t be something I use more often and at the same time, I’ve apparently become one of those old cynics that believes the world is going to hell in a handbasket.”