Comcast to Offer $9.95 a Month Internet Access to Low Income Families

Comcast has recently announced that it will be offering a new low cost plan called Internet Essentials for low income families. The plan will be offered at only $9.95 a month for those who qualify. On its Web site, the company states that if your child qualifies for free school lunches, the family can qualify for the discounted service. In addition to receiving free school lunch, Comcast has some other rules in order to qualify.

You need to live in an area where Comcast provides service. You also need to have not been a Comcast customer for the past 90 days and, in addition, do not owe any past payment to the company. Comcast also requires that potential new customers have returned any previous Comcast equipment that they had in their possession and which was provided to them by Comcast.

Comcast to Offer $9.95 a Month Internet Access to Low Income FamiliesSo what do you get for $9.95 a month? Comcast is offering low income families download speeds of up to 1.5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 384 Kbps. What is also intriguing about the offer is the fact that Comcast will also be selling low cost laptop computers to those who qualify for only $149 per unit. Comcast is providing a free copy of Norton Security Suite to protect its clients from viruses and malware. The company also has listed a feature on its Web site that will provide free computer training, as well, for those who qualify.

On the surface, this program seems to be a great opportunity to get children on the Internet to help them with their school work and to expand their knowledge. I would commend Comcast for initiating this program and would hope that other ISPs nationwide would join in offering a similar program.

To receive an application from Comcast, call 1-855-846-8376.

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  • David B. Bitton

    Desktops and Full-Screen apps switch with a three finder swipe on my iMac w. a Magic Trackpad

  • David B. Bitton

    Woh! I put my VMware fusion Win7 VM on it’s own desktop, and then set the VM window to fullscreen. Now I can swipe between it and my OSX desktop. Booyah!

  • Robert Burns

    That is an Excellent idea…hope it works out well!

  • Anonymous

    I have Comcast Internet, and it is both terrible and overpriced. $10 USD is all it is worth for anyone, rich or poor!

  • Jason Reece

    A co-worker of mine is a single mom with three children and receives no child support. She showed me the brochure from Comcast with the details of this offer and asked for my opinion. She often asks for my advice because of my financial background and I’m always glad to help anyone who needs it.

    Initially, I was skeptical because cable and satellite providers aren’t exactly known for their ethical marketing practices. But after reading the fine print, I must admit that it seems like a very good opportunity for low-income families. Many of the families who take advantage of this offer would be stuck with an ancient, obsolete computer, at best.

    I also like the fact that it is FREE, but it is affordable. As Habitat for Humanity puts it- “A Hand Up, Not a Handout”…and that’s the kind of program that helps make a difference!