Google Chrome OS Cr-48 Trackpad Fixed? I Think Not

For many of us, the number one complaint concerning the Google Chrome OS Cr-48 notebook computer, has been the trackpad. I know that when I first received by Google notebook back in December, the first thing I did was attach a USB mouse to it. The trackpad, in my opinion, was horrible and just didn’t function properly. Though some testers stated it worked OK for them, many of us found the behavior of the trackpad unusable and frustrating.

Like with any new product or hardware, I didn’t give it much thought. I used my USB mouse and the little notebook worked fine. But there was one though going through my mind. We are travelling next month via some of the nations busier airports and would like to just take the Cr-48 and forgo the mouse.

So when the folks at Google sent out an update that supposedly fixed the trackpad issues and few other problems, I was optimistic that the problem was solved. Unfortunately it seemed to me to have made matters worse. :-(

But that is just my experience. If you have a Google Chrome OS Cr-48 notebook computer, did the update help or hinder the use of your trackpad?

Let me know.

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  • Tony

    I got mine too in December and have no issues with the trackpad. At first it was something to get used to but I have grwn to use it w/ no issues. I do wonder when I install another OS on it is how this trackpad will work…for example putting ubuntu on it…guess i will have to find out then.

  • Kyle Polansky

    I haven’t had that much trouble with the built in mouse. I would always prefer an external mouse, but sometimes they aren’t easy to use, such as when you have the computer on your lap. It seems that the mouse will only work with a maximum of 2 fingers on it at the same time. That means that if you have a palm or another finger on it, then it won’t work. Another thing that I found interesting was in one of Google’s videos. I taught myself to scroll using my pointing finger and my middle finger. Google’s video showed using your pointing finger and ring finger, leaving the middle finger off the touchpad while scrolling. Either doing this, or keeping your fingers far apart seems to work better. This avoids detecting your 2 fingers as one single finger. One more thing you can try is change the sensitivity in the options. It doesn’t help too much, but I did notice a slight difference.

  • Polaris

    I have never had many complaints about the trackpad, the only ones were that when scrolling the cursor would sometimes move off the page and open a link I didn’t want, and that the right click was very finicky. The new update fixed both those problems. Other thoughts: How does anyone manage to have their palm on the trackpad while they’re using it? I can’t do that if I try.

  • William Lentz

    i got my first one replaced (screen broke) and i just received a new one my first track pad didn’t work that good this laptop was called the Mario pony the new one works EXCELLENT!!! this is called the Mario fish i don’t know if this is the update or if it is different hardware