If It Is So Easy, Why Doesn’t Everyone Start An Online Business?

This afternoon I was reading an article over at PC magazine about the steps one needs to take in order to start an online business. It is ironic that I read this particular article, since I personally spoke with an individual about online opportunities just last week. I had mentioned to this person how difficult it was to start either an online business or a blog and make money at it. Here is what happened.

Last week my wife was in the hospital for surgery for an ongoing colon/intestine problem that she has been suffering from for many years. After the surgery we spoke with the recovery nurse, and during the course of the conversation, learned that her husband was looking into any opportunities on the Internet, but wasn’t sure exactly where to start. I offered to speak with him and to determine if blogging might be of interest to him.

Here are a few things that I shared with him and are my personal opinion.

For every one who is making a living on the Internet, millions are not. Just because Mark Cuban sold his technology company for millions and bought the Mavericks basketball team doesn’t mean you will own your professional NBA team by starting your own technology company. It is as simple as that. One just needs to be realistic in their expectations.

There are other attributes that anyone who wants to make money on the Internet need: tenacity, a determined work ethic, and focus. If you lack any three of these, you will fail. Working from home is not as easy as one would think. Just because you have the leisure of being able to work in your pajamas doesn’t mean you will be able to allocate the time needed every day to focus on your work. There are no bosses, no managers, CEO, CFO, CIA, or KGB breathing down your back. You are on your own.

I guess what annoyed me about the article was the pie in the sky expectation, or what I refer to as delusions of grandeur. Don’t get me wrong. There are folks who are successful on the Internet and who are making good money selling, writing, and at auctioning. But I believe that it is not an easy task to venture out on the Internet and start your own business.

The article at PC Magazine was too general to provide any really useful information. In my opinion one should seek out professional advice from those who have succeeded in online business or in the technology field. One book that I recommend to those who are interested in starting a business online is this:

The Six-Figure Second Income: How To Start and Grow A Successful Online Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

You can read the article at PC Magazine linked below. Let me know what you think.

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  • bharat

    yes it is difficult because of the crowd and secondly the derth of quality content , it has killed many businesses and relevance of content and lot of people just are “taking space”(as chriss pirillo in his videos recall)….all this has just made this web bubble to itsextreme and a loss on interest among people, readership has declined and people all the see is shortcuts, jus like shiny apple devices that “out of the box” good for specific things, it has also over-hyped some realy useless products like iphone and ipads and most apple useless products, this is again an example and what i see about all this web bubble, which will eventualy burst and lot of people will turn to other things(seriousness jus like chriss pirillo who does things pure with his job), everybody will learn if they take this for granted

  • bharat

    when u say business, the web is another business start-up, none should forget that it is just a medium and required same amount of seriousness with lots of “presentation” preferably and things that matter to people(audience or consumer) of your site(& its content), a basic point which everyone seems to forget and all that people seek is google adsense support, even in the past great content only evolved great businesses and it is continued to be that factor….easy stuff has obviously a short life span, bottom line is work hard, work smart and get a decent living(income)

  • http://www.pcmichiana.com Craig Chamberlin

    Great article.

    It really is unfortunate there is too much bad information about starting an online business. I started mine over a year ago and am getting what I would call “normal” growth in viewership.

    It’s all about how much you put into it, just like any other business. Get rich quick schemes have flooded this market and too many people are profiting off of it.

    I wrote an article a few months back that discussed this same idea entitled The Truth About Making Money Online Blogging. I talk about the same stuff. I even have a free YouTube video series on How To Make Money Blogging and the first few videos illustrate setting realistic goals and explaining the time needed to really make money.

    It CAN be done, and it IS lots of fun, but it’s not going to happen overnight! I hope that anyone interested sticks with resources such as yours and mine to realistically encourage them rather than give them unrealistic expectations.

    For anyone interested in further encouragement, you might want to check out The Truth About Making Money Online Blogging: http://wp3.lockergnome.com/pcmichiana/2010/11/04/the-truth-about-making-money-online-blogging/

    • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/nexus/blade/ Ron Schenone

      Thanks Craig.

  • Buffet

    I believe I’ll stick to mu ‘offline’ business and leave the rest to the experts.
    Wishing your wife a speedy recovery.

  • Adam Dempsey

    Priority filtering should go to users in the post comment thread you’re commenting on. that should help with duplicate users.