Train Station Closes Public Restrooms – Passengers Pissed Off

At the New Rochelle, New York train station, passengers are having to hold it because the public restrooms have been closed. It seems that the city fathers and daughters have decided that keeping the pee holes open is way to expensive, so that have closed them for public use. This means that passengers, taxi drivers, the homeless and anyone with a full bladder will have to seek relief elsewhere. Needless to say that this has not been a huge hit with the public, some of whom complain that people do have emergencies and now have no place to relieve themselves.

According to one recent report it also stated that:

New Rochelle’s City Manager Charles Strome said vandalism has become a problem and the city simply can’t afford to monitor the bathrooms on a regular basis.

“Our police department has ceded a 10-percent reduction in staff so we don’t have regular patrols there like we used to. So all in all it was costing us a significant amount of money to keep the bathrooms open at the train station,” Strome said.

I like this one the best:

City Manager Strome’s suggestion: skip the station, and use the bathrooms on the train.

Wonder if you are not taking the train? I guess you will have to go elsewhere.

But I recall a day in which public restrooms were pay only. You would deposit a coin to unlock the door, which helped to defray the cost of keeping the restroom clean and tidy. No money in your pocket? You always had the option to slither under the door.

What suggestions do you have to solve this problem?

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Source – CBS New York

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  • Michael Palecek

    Wow, the government cannot even afford to keep bathrooms open and they want to build more of these?

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  • D

    I envision a day when…at least in the city of New Rochelle…where the whole public area becomes the restroom. Wonder if they will pay for someone to clean up when it happens?

  • BlazeEagle

    This will obviously affect public health. They need to find a way to either keep them free or charge a FAIR & REASONABLE usage fee to cover restroom maintenance & to compensate the restroom maintenance workers.

    Just shutting them down without an viable alternative is downright irresponsible!

  • Dave R

    This is akin to the absurd closing of the public restrooms in all the underground BART/MUNI stations in San Francisco after the 9-11 disaster “as a security precaution”, yet they haven’t been reopened since! Funny though that the suburban stations still have them available. What does it take to maintain a few public restrooms, one janitor? If vandalism is a problem, install CAMERAS with a sign that “You are being recorded”. If you are too danged paranoid over “privacy”, just “hold it” until you get home. The cameras would also lessen the likelihood of public restrooms being used as “shooting galleries” or brothels (!). This lack of public facilities is a serious problem for the elderly and others on diuretic prescriptions, who must be within easy reach of facilities on a frequent basis, and it is a crime for city fathers to cut basic necessities. Strange that the USA seems to be the only Western country with this problem.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Dave R.,
      I can see how those restrooms on the BART/MUNI system would be a high priority
      target for terrorists. :-) I’m surprised they still keep Alcatraz open! What a joke. It
      is as stupid as they colored threat level warnings.