68 Year Old Man Punches Youth On Airplane For Not Turning Off Apple iPhone

For anyone who has flown on a commercial airplane, you are familiar with the request made by a flight attendant, to turn off electronic equipment during takeoff and landings. These requests are made since it seems that electronic equipment could interfere with the electronics on the plane. I do not see that this request is unjustified nor an inconvenience to the passengers.

But on a flight out of Las Vegas a 15-year-old youth ignored the request and continued to play games on his Apple iPhone. One passenger took exception to the youths non compliance and socked the youth in his arm, bruising same. Upon arriving in Boise, ID., the man was arrested for assault. The youth was not cited and was left to continue on his trip.

According to one recent article it also stated that:

“First the 15-year-old should’ve listened to the stewardess. But he was out of line. I’m sure he did something to provoke the older gentleman, but he probably should’ve shown more restraint then he did by punching him. But having teenagers I know where he was coming from,” said Dan Kern of San Diego.

“Give him a ticket or some community service or make him go to a chalk board and write I won’t hit a teenager a thousand times and call it good. I think the teenager should apologize for whatever part of the story we don’t know. What are the rules for? Either follow them or don’t get on the plane,” said Kern.

What a can of worms. I think there were mistakes made by the youth, the man who hit the kid and possibly the flight attendants. A simple way to handle the issue was for the man to notify a flight attendant and let them deal with it. I am sure there is more to the story than what is being reported.

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  • Ben

    I want to throw that kids iPhone out the window, lives are at risk and he’s a dumbass for doing it. I myself am 15 and own an iPhone as well, but think that kid is a complete douche for not putting that away. Ps: sent from my iPhone.

  • http://www.kongregate.com/?referrer=Hyrael Mélanie

    Well, if the teenagers put his phone on airplane mode ( close wi-fi, bluetooth… ) what’s wrong.

    But if he have told the old man that he have closed conections on his iphone and therefore, no danger, i think this should’nt had happened.

  • seshormerow

    Seems like stuff like this only happens with iPhones. Good thing I don’t have one…

  • drudd82

    Old geezers need to learn about airplane mode.

  • http://donald-schwartz.com Donald Schwartz

    Maybe the child’s iPhone was in “airplane mode” someone should have asked. Games are harmless aren’t they?

  • Aaron Tanner

    What’s the bet after all that, it was actually an iPod?

  • http://wp3.lockergnome.com/jfk JFK

    Goes to show that the Air Marshall’s are no where to be found.

  • Clay

    Pretty sure electronic devices don’t interfere with avionics equipment, from both a logic view and from MythBusters.

  • Daniel

    What the old man did was immoral, that much is certain. As for the kid, whether he put lives at risk is not so clear. Violence is not the solution for problems like these.

  • zeosrule

    I have an iPhone and I will admit that I do record the takeoff on it is in airplane mode. Even if it was on and not in airplane mode (my mom) during the entire flight it would do nothing (watch Mythbusters).

  • Jess

    Seems like everyone was stupid here. If the kid was in airplane mode and didnt say so, he’s stupid. If he was and said so and the old man didn’t understand what that meant, then the old man is stupid. If the kid honestly didn’t put the phone in airplane mode and was just being a jerk, the kid was stupid (but the old man shouldn’t have hit him, he should have just told a flight attendant.

    And if the kid had an iPod and didn’t make that clear, he’s stupid. (Unless he tried but the old man didn’t understand.)

    I think that about covers it all.

  • leftystrat

    Everybody using an iPhone should be punched, airplane or not.

  • http://www.theteengeek.com Zagorath

    They say ALL electronic devices should be off for take-off and landing. Airplane mode doesn’t cover this. Airplane mode is good for during the rest of the flight. So technically, he was disobeying the rules.
    However, these rules are rubbish to begin with. It’s a complete myth that these devices could interfere with the plane’s systems. Maybe it was true a long time ago, but it isn’t relevant today. The rules need to be updated for the times. That said, until such a time as they DO get updated, he was still going against the rules, and was in the wrong.

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