Brownsville, Texas: It Will Cost You A Buck To Use Plastic Bags

Brownsville, Texas will be another US city that plans on going green by banning plastic bags. The ban on plastic goes into effect on January 5, 2011 with an added feature. Customers can still opt to use plastic bags at $1 per transaction. According to a local news report the city fathers want their city to be beautiful and to take care of the environment.

According to a local news article it states that:

But the law will not affect all businesses. Camarillo says amendments to the ban will target mostly convenience stores and supermarkets, big and small.

“We exempted cleaners, for example, garments that may be plastic material. That wasn’t the issue and so we defined those. Pharmaceutical, Small hardware stores,” he added.

The surcharge would be handed out by the stores. “Those funds would be given back to city for clean up and environmental projects,” Camarillo added.

As previously mentioned by some of our readers, this is not such a novel approach as some would have us believe. There are some cities in other countries who have banned plastic for years.

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  • Eric L.

    Well I think that is rediculous. my house is up on a hill, I have a full stair case to the top of the hill then another one to the front door, I have no driveway (thanks to the town saying no on moveing my sewer line)… if it wasn’t for plastic bags I’d be getting plenty of excersize on those stairs, sence I shop monthly, spending around $800.00, and shopping for all the buy 1 get 2 free deals. I fill the back of the car and back seats(which is a mid-size station wagon).

    I belong to this recycling group on yahoo called freecycle I’m sure most of you have heard of it and probably belong to the ones in you local area… There, someone had posted a wanted ad asking if everyone could start collecting any of their plastic bags from stores, bread bags, freezer item bags, you know…those plastic bags that the dump tells you isn’t recyclable… She melts them down and uses them as a form of plastic paint of some sort… I don’t know the proccess or how she does it, but some of her art work in amazing, and to think it’s made from different colored plastic bags is just incrediable…. So maybe you know or can find someone in your area that does the same thing, I know that doesn’t help the problem your having now but it’s an idea to spread around non the less.

    I know in my town here in Massachusetts, they charge us $12.50 for 10 specially marked (kitchen size) trash bags, that rip very easily so we’re forced to double them with normal everyday trash bags, that gets expensive quickly… So we’re always looking for ways to cut back on trash of any kind here, we recycle everything we can, compost what we can, and of course help our local artist now… Yes plastic isn’t all that good, but most the time the grocery bags are bio degradable and don’t last very long (if you try and save them)… but I think plastic has a place in the needs of most countries, to ban it, or start charging for the use of it, is redicilous…. those towns that have nothing better to do than tax their own people for using plastic bags should instead learn what all that plastic could be used for…. IE: Art and maybe start using it in schools to bring back the art programs….seems like your killing two birds with one stone that way….don’t know it might just be my way of thinking…but I know it’s better than taxing the people for it.


  • Buffet

    I say good for them. Everytime I think of that enormous garbage patch in the Pacific ocean, I wanna cry. We must stop destroying the only planet we have. Here’s an easy start. Whenever I see anyone littering, I tell them to pick it up. If they refuse, I MAKE them pick it up. I wish my city (Louisville) would follow Brownsville’s lead….sigh.

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Buffet,
      I hear you. Our planet is all we have and we must take care of it.
      Unfortunately the human race seems bent on polluting planet
      Earth beyond repair. :-(

  • k

    And yet, you can buy garbage bags by the hundreds at any local store. No lobbyists working against Glad Bags, hmm? Why? Money. No company cares about the enviroment. They are driven by PR and profit. I’m surprised grocers haven’t charged for use of plastic bags before.

    Good article.

    • Ron Schenone

      I am surprised they haven’t all gotten together to charge for both plastic and paper.
      Sort of like the airlines all deciding at once to charge for a checked bag.

  • r

    This was decided by Brownsville law makers and forced down the throats of Brownsville citizens! Just because dirty people from mexico trashes Brownsville does not give you the right to punish Americans! We should have the freedom to vote on this instead of you forcing it on us as if we live in a unjust foreign country!!!

    A recent study clearly shows that San Francisco’s ban on plastic bags in 2007 resulted in a switch to paper bags, which require 70 percent more energy to produce, generate 50 percent more greenhouse gas emissions and produce 80 percent more waste than plastic bags. A year later, San Francisco’s own litter audit determined that the ban did not reduce litter, one of the stated purposes of the city’s ban.