Apple Nerds Waiting In Line To Buy An iPhone Boo Actor Who Cut In Line

In what was described as a line of some 2,000 Apple iPhone zealots, waiting in a L.A. mall to buy the coveted iPhone 4, they booed a Hollywood actor who cut in line. In a news article it stated that actor Jason Bateman was recognized by a store employee, plucked out of line and escorted into the store to buy the iPhone. Those who were waiting didn’t appreciate that a celebrity was able to get preferential treatment and made the boo sound as he exited the store.

I guess the question of the day is should a celebrity be allowed star status and be allowed to go ahead of the common people? Is his money better than ours? Will his owning an iPhone help Apple in its quest to increase its profit line?

What do you think?

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Source – Vulture

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  • leftystrat

    I think Bateman *deserved* an iPhone :)

    Don’t forget – you’re screwed if you’re left-handed and want one.

    • Ron Schenone

      ‘I think Bateman *deserved* an iPhone’
      So do I ! LOL

  • Don Burnett

    Isn’t everyone a celebrity in LA? Please.. He should have had to wait like anyone else willing to brave the line..

  • Dean

    It it supposed to be hard for lefties to use or something like that?

    • Ron Schenone

      Hi Dean,
      You MAY block the signal if you are a lefty. But I think this got way overblown.
      A case stops the problem.